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Our Technicolor Life

Welcome to our Technicolor Life! We are a husband and wife team that lives a vintage lifestyle in full color. There's never a dull moment with our many adventures through our tea room, travel, music, and our art. 

A self proclaimed modern day Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, (The Ketterman's) do a little bit of everything. We entertain, sing, travel, and host tea parties. Follow along each channel that makes up Our Technicolor Life.  

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Living Life in Technicolor

Follow us on our vintage, colorful projects and adventures!

"Live life to the fullest because you only get to live it once."

Are you familiar with the term " Technicolor"? This was the innovative color film processing concept that was developed for use in Hollywood in the 1920s. Technicolor became all the rage by the end of the 1930s. You may be familiar with some of the films that first used the process, like, The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. For the first time, rich, true, and vibrant colors were seen on the silver screen. 

A friend of ours once described our lives as being lived in Technicolor. Bold, rich, and colorful moments. This website is about the many projects, discoveries, and adventures that we take on, and do so in our own colorful, retro-loving way. That is the basis of Our Technicolor Life. 

Vintage Film

What We Do


The Old Capitol Tea Room

Step back into a simple & peaceful time at The Old Capitol Tea Room. Located in historic Corydon, Indiana, we operate out of our historic home as a special events venue hosting theme teas and private parties.


The Not So Long Trailer

A crazy, fun-loving redhead & her musical husband discovering the USA in our traveling homage to Lucy & Desi, The Not So Long Trailer.


Rosie & the Rockabillies


Tin Pan Alley Cats

Two vintage themed bands - Rosie & The Rockabillies is a 1950s cover band while the Tin Pan Alley Cats features a 1920s-1940s vibe.


Maiden Kentucky

Hand crafted and hand painted wearable art, crafts, and unique gifts.

Our Technicolor Life

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