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Before & After

The Not So Long Trailer II is actually a 1984 Prowler. We found this trailer online in Kentucky and drove down to look at it before deciding it would be our "new" Not So Long Trailer. Our first Not So Long Trailer was a 2004 Palomino which took us all over the country, but we decided we wanted to change and a little more room. (I tend to pack a lot of outfits!)

So for our 7th anniversary in May of 2019, Jeff debuted our new trailer having completed a total renovation over the winter months. I wanted it to feel like a 1950s Palm Springs bungalow with the colors and it turns out the flamingo became the unofficial mascot of this second trailer. It has a lot more storage, personality, and feels more like a true home on the road. Take a look at the before and after pictures below as well as some videos for a look inside The Not So Long Trailer II. 


The Renovation

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