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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

Q: Where is The Old Capitol Tea Room located?

A: The Old Capitol Tea Room is a privately owned home located at 501 N Capitol Avenue in historic downtown Corydon, Indiana.

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A: No. People use the tea events as an excuse to dress up. The public teas are themed so costumes or dressing up is not required but always encouraged.

Q: Is the Tea Room a restaurant? 

A: No. The Tea Room is a privately owned residence and an over 100 year old historic home. The dining room and living room of the house are transformed for each tea event. The owners, Jeff and Carrie Ketterman live in the house and have operated the Tea Room out of their home since May of 2016. Therefore The Old Capitol Tea Room is not a traditional restaurant that is able to have regular hours every day of the week. Being an actual home and requiring advanced planning for seating and catering, the Tea Room is not open daily but for special events and private parties.

Q: What is the cost? 

A: Seats are an all-inclusive $40 person (kids and adults) depending on the theme and are sold by tables. See our seating chart for list of tables available. The event includes a tea tray, selection of teas, and tax. The event description will specify what kind of tea tray and details about the theme. All ticket sales are final upon purchase. No exceptions. 

*Murder Mystery Shows are $45/person. 

*Full length shows (Lucy & Desi Tribute Shows, Tribute Show to WW2, and Radio Dramas) are $45/person

Q: Is the Tea Room handicapped accessible? 

A: No. The Old Capitol Tea Room is a private residence that is a registered historic home so no changes can be made structurally to the front of the house and grounds. 

Q: When is the Tea Room open?

A: The Tea Room is NOT open daily. We operate out of our historic home in downtown Corydon and host themed events as well as private parties for groups of 10 or more. 

Q: Is The Old Capitol Tea Room open for walk-ins?

A: No. We are not open for walk-ins because all of the food for the tea room is prepared by our caterers and requires at least a week's notice to order and pick up, therefore we are not able to seat walk-ins. 

Q:How many does The Old Capitol Tea Room Seat?

A: We can seat up to 30 people comfortably between our two rooms that make up The Old Capitol Tea Room. 

Q: Where is parking for The Old Capitol Tea Room?

A: There is parking along the front of the house on Capitol Avenue but be mindful of the yellow line that prohibits parking towards High Street. Directly outside the house is a yellow area because that is a turning lane. Do NOT park in this area. There is more preferred parking along the side of the house on High Street. The historic Constitutional Elm is located on High Street as well. Forty-three delegates met in 1816 to draft Indiana's first constitution. Due to the sweltering heat, the delegates moved outside and continued their work under the branches of an enormous elm. Although the tree died of Dutch Elm disease in 1925, its trunk is still preserved. The tree's branches were removed and the trunk was preserved with coal tar and surrounded by a stone monument. 

Q: Where do I enter the Tea Room? 

A: You will enter and check in at the front of the house off of Capitol Avenue. We have a sun room entrance that acts as our check in area. Please wait to check in and be seated. For a private party, you may enter the main front door.

Q: When should I arrive for tea?

A: Most of our themed events are at 3 pm, 7pm, or 8pm (Murder Mystery Events) and we open the doors 10 minutes prior to each event.  The event will note the start time as well as the time that the doors open for the tea event or private party. 

Q: When is tea served?

A: Our themed teas are typically served at 3pm, 7pm, or 8pm. Doors open 10 minutes prior to the event start time. Private Parties are offered in time frames. Weekdays 12-2 or 1-3. Weeknights 5-7 or 6-8. *Very limited weekends 12-2 or 1-3pm).  If you arrive before doors open, you are welcome to enjoy the front porch where tables and chairs are set up. We do not allow early arrival prior to the tea start time. 

Public Tea Parties vs. Private Tea Parties 

Public Tea Parties:


-1 hour duration 

-Open to the public

-$40 person both kids and adults *$45/person for full length entertainment shows 

- Does not require a minimum of 15 guests to attend.


Private Tea Parties: 

-Not themed .

-2 hour duration

-Private bookings ensure that you are the only group that will be in the tea room. 

$40/person both kids and adults.

-$100 booking fee to save date. This fee does not go towards your final bill.

-Weekdays, weeknights, and limited weekends available for booking

Basic Questions
Public Tea vs. Private Party
Purchase Table

Public Tea Parties

Q: How do I purchase a table to attend a public tea event?

A: Once the event is created, table sales are first come first served. Under upcoming events, select the event you would like to attend and you will be prompted to select your table and submit payment. 

Q: Can I select my table?

A: Yes. View our seating chart to see the tables listed A-I and how many each table seats. Once you select your event, just purchase the table you would like. Tables are first come first serve once events are created. Please note how many are seated at each table before you purchase. Tables are set up for maximum capacity.

Q: What is the cost per table?

A: Seats are a prepaid all-inclusive $40 ($45/full entertainment shows) person both kids and adults. The tables we have available are a dining room table that will seat 6 people, 5-top table, two 4-top tables, one 3-top table, and four 2-top tables. See seating chart for location of each table.

Q: How can I find out about events?

A: Our tea events tend to sell very quickly so the best way to stay in touch is to make sure you are subscribed to our website and are following our Facebook page. All of our events are posted on our upcoming events as well as on our Facebook page, The Old Capitol Tea Room. You can also follow us on Instagram. #theoldcapitoltearoom

Q: Do I need a minimum to attend a public tea?

A: Our smallest table is for a party of 2. Our public teas do no require a group of 15 or more to attend. We do need to have at least 15 people to open the Tea Room for each event. If for some reason we do not reach that amount, you will be notified and refunded if there is a cancellation of a public tea.

Q: What ages can attend teas?

A: We suggest ages of 4 years old and up for attending tea parties. Tea parties last 1 hour. We do not have booster chairs or high chairs. 

Q: Why are the tables prepaid?

A: Being that we are operating out of our historic home, we do not prepare any of the food at the house. Due to health code regulations, all of the food for the Tea Room must be catered and therefore we are not able to add or have any cancellations once the tickets have been purchased. 

Q: What if I can no longer attend a public tea?
A: All ticket sales are final upon purchase. No exceptions. We have a no cancellation policy once the table have been purchased. If you are unable to attend the tea after you have purchased the table, it is your responsibility. You are welcome to send someone else in your place or incur the cost of the table(s). Just have the person(s) attending check in under the name the table was originally purchased with. 

Q: Are table sales final?

A: Yes. We have very limited seating and are a small operation of two staff members. In addition to having to purchase the food in advance and plan for seating, we cannot refund any tables that have already been sold. 


Q: What is served at The Old Capitol Tea Room?

A: With none of the food being prepared at the house, all food is catered. We serve a sweet and savory tea tray which is a sampler of traditional bite size afternoon tea treats such as scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts. 

Q: Is there a kids menu? 

A: No. We do not have a kid's menu or kid's price for the teas. If your child is under the age of 4, they may share one of the adult's tea trays but we do not have a separate children's menu. 

Q: Is there a gluten free menu?

A: No. Unfortunately we are limited on what we can offer as all of the food for the tea room is catered  and we operate with one main menu for our teas. Being a traditional style tea room, that menu is primarily tea sandwiches and sweets and the majority not gluten free. 

Q: How many people do I need to book a private party?

A: We require at least a group of 15 to book a private party. If you have less than 15 but would like to host a private party, payment for 15 people must be submitted to fulfill our minimum catering order.

Q: When can I book a private party? 

A: Private parties are based on availability of the house but can be scheduled weekday or weekends. We typically schedule teas between 1pm-3pm.

Q: How do I book a private party?

A: To book a private party, please fill out our private party booking form with your desired dates(s) and projected number of people attending. We will check your desired dates with our calendar and confirm your booking. 

Private Party Booking | Our Technicolor Life

Q: What kind of private parties does the tea room host?

A: We host baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, book clubs, company meetings, church groups, and other special occasions. 

Q: Is there a deposit to book the Tea Room for a private party? 

A: Yes. We do require a separate booking fee of $100 once date and time have been confirmed. This fee is to be paid in advance of your party date once the time and date have been chosen. We require a final headcount and payment submitted for that final headcount one week prior to the tea event. Once final number is submitted all payments are final for catering purposes. 

*Private Party Peak Season (Oct.-Dec.)

Weekends during the months of October, November, and December are our busiest time of year and private parties are booked limitedly during weekdays or weeknights. 

Q: What if I have a cancellation after I've booked my private party? 

A: To fulfill our catering requirements, we must have at least 15 paying guests to place our catering order. If you have a cancellation, it is your responsibility to either fill the seat or we can box up the remaining tea trays for your party as a to go order. We cannot take food back to our caterers once the final headcount and payment has been submitted. Once food is ordered and purchased all transactions are final. No exceptions. 

Q: Can I bring outside food to my private party?

A: No. Due to health code regulations we are not allowed to have outside food brought into the tea room. We can, however allow special occasion cakes if from a bakery.

Q: Can I decorate for my private party? 

A: Yes. We frequently set up a gift table for such occasions as bridal showers or baby showers that you may decorate as you wish. You may also bring other decorations and items such as balloons or table decoration. The tea room is always decorated in a vintage style so decoration is not necessarily needed. Keep in mind the doors open 10 minutes prior to tea time. If  you need to show up early to decorate, your two hour party time will start upon that arrival time.

Q: Is there entertainment at a private party?

A: No. A private party is a booking for your own group to have a tea party. Ex. bridal showers and baby showers. Your group will be the only private party booked at the tea room.

Q: How long are private parties?

A: Private parties are booked for 2 hours. If more time is needed, additional time can be arranged at a cost of $100/hr. 

*If you still need more information that we have not answered, please feel free to send a message via The Old Capitol Tea Room Facebook page or by email at

Private Parties

Private Parties
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