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Tin Pan 

Alley Cats

Retro-Style Swing Band

Tin Pan Alley Cats

The Tin Pan Alley Cats is a retro-swing band with infusions of jazz, bosso nova, and mambo style. 

The Tin Pan Alley Cats have the sound of a full swing band with lots of energy, vintage style, and a lively stage presence. Each number in our set is arranged to have the full orchestra sound accompanied by live piano and vocals. 

With the sound of a big band but being a duet, we work really well for both intimate and mid-size venues. Whether we are playing as a featured performance or as background music, we embrace the vintage style that we both have such an affection for. And, with a theatre background, our performances are just that, a performance.

We cover the classics and standards of the 1920s-1950s as well as new artists that have a classic vintage sound. A la Post Modern Jukebox, we sometimes put a spin on modern popular hits.  

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Concert Series

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