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The         Old Capitol Tea Room

Special Events & Private Parties

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The Old Capitol Tea Room is a product of our more theatrically inclined minds, in which we try to make each themed tea event a full experience of pretend, a bit of magic, and of course some tea and treats. 

With a background in theatre, we have created a venue where guests attend, observe, and participate in a theatrical performance in correlation with the teas and food provided. It is a tea theatrical event, or as we like to call it "Teatre." In essence, the Tea Room is a stage and the curtain rises when guests enter. 

The thought of a proper tea has always been aesthetically appealing to me and I've been collecting tea cups and accessories for years. I believe you can't rush tea, it takes time to set up, brew, and enjoy. Initially, I invited girlfriends to participate in 1920's themed tea parties. I really enjoy planning and preparing the teas, taking time to iron the real linens, selecting the cups and saucers, really establishing a fully realized theme. 


Realizing the 2016 Corydon, Indiana Bicentennial Celebration would bring visitors to the downtown area, just one block from our historic home, the initial concept of providing a proper vintage tea room was born. The comfortable Tea Room atmosphere provides the ideal environment to encourage the guests to interact with the theme. 

Catered food is provided along with a variety of teas specifically selected for the event. The living room and dining room of our historic home are transformed for each event and make up the actual "tea room." The table settings are derived from my collection of vintage linen, china, flatware, and tea pots. However, The Old Capitol Tea Room is not a restaurant or a dinner theatre, but rather a creative and unique playhouse venture that engages an amazing mixture of theatre and tea.


The Old Capitol Tea Room is located on the first floor of one of Corydon's grand historic homes, just a block from the downtown square and within a few hundred feet of the historic Constitutional Elm. The home sits on the site of the 1st Harrison County Courthouse, which was later used jointly as the Indiana territorial capitol building. It was referred to as the "Courthouse on the Hill" and it was here that the Indiana Constitution was first conceived in 1816 and then walked down to the shade of the historic elm tree to be signed in the summer of 1816.

The buildings on the property and the site were then deeded to Dennis Pennington, a lauded founding father of Indiana's statehood, in late 1816 as partial payment for his work on the construction of the "Stone Courthouse" which still sits on the east side of the Corydon town square. Pennington sold the property in 1817 to local merchants, Wilson & Bayless. In 1947 the property was sold again to the Jordan family. The property remained in the Jordan family for over 60 years. Victor Bulleit bought the property in 1911 for $3,000. Bulleit then sold the property to William Huff five years later, and the current 2.5 story home with the red-tile roof was constructed in 1916.

Over the last 100 years the property has changed hands several times with various owners and updates to the property. The home was completely renovated between 2006 and 2010 by David & Linda Toupin. Linda then sold the home to Jeff & Carrie Ketterman in 2013, a home that Jeff has long admired as a life-long Harrison County resident. Jeff is also a descendent of Dennis Pennington through his late grandmother, June (Davis) Flock. So, the home has now come full circle, and he and Carrie couldn't be more delighted with their beautiful, century-old, historic home.


The Old Capitol Tea Room is a special events tea room. We host themed teas a few times a month in addition to private parties for groups of 10 or more. Tickets must be purchased in advance for the theme teas and all information for the events can be found under the individual event. The tea room is not open daily.

Past Events

The Old Capitol Tea Room hosts themed tea events a few times a month. Dress up, meet some of your favorite characters, and enjoy a bit of "Teatre." Visit The Old Capitol Tea Room on Facebook for more photos of past events.

The Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus Tea

A fan favorite, the Sanderson Sisters look forward to every Halloween when they can return for a visit to The Old Capitol Tea Room. After all, it's just  a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Alice and Hatter.jpg

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We're all mad here at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party hosted by Alice and The Mad Hatter himself.

Mary Poppins.jpg

Jolly Holiday Tea

Mary Poppins and Bert make a special appearance for this sing-along tea featuring live singing. This tea event is practically perfect in every way.


Harry Potter Trivia & Tea

Professor Dumbledore tests your knowledge of one of the most beloved characters of all time, Harry Potter. Hosted by a variety of Hogwarts Professors, The Old Capitol Tea Room is transformed to welcome wizards of all ages.

The...the...the Grinch!

Story Time Tea with The Grinch

All the way down from Mt. Crumpit, The Grinch makes his annual appearance for an interactive story time and what else, green tea.

Murder at the Manse

Murder Mysteries

There's been a murder at The Old Capitol Mansion and the murderer could be anone in the room. Who did it??? The Old Capitol Tea Room hosts interactive Murder Mystery tea parties in which you play the detective.

Private Parties

Private Party

Private Parties

Host Your Own Tea Party

Book the tea room for your own private tea party. Spend the afternoon with your friends and family enjoying tea, treats, and the lovely historic and vintage setting of The Old Capitol Tea Room.


Basic Questions

Q: Where is The Old Capitol Tea Room located?

A: The Old Capitol Tea Room is a privately owned home located at 501 N Capitol Avenue in historic downtown Corydon, Indiana.

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A: No. People use the tea events as an excuse to dress up. They are themed tea events after all. Costumes or dressing up is not required but always encouraged.

Q: Is the Tea Room a restaurant? 

A: No. The Tea Room is a privately owned residence and an over 100 year old historic home. The dining room and living room of the house are transformed for each tea event. The owners, Jeff and Carrie Ketterman live in the house and have operated the Tea Room out of their home since May of 2016. Therefore The Old Capitol Tea Room is not a traditional restaurant that is able to have regular hours every day of the week. Being an actual home and requiring advanced planning for seating and catering, the Tea Room is not open daily but for special events and private parties.

Q: How much are tickets? 

A: Tickets are an all inclusive $25/person (kids and adults). The ticket includes our sweet and savory tea tray, selection of teas, and tax. All ticket sales are final upon purchase. No exceptions. 

*Murder Mystery Tickets are $30/person. Tickets must be purchased in advance and include a heavy appetizer buffet, teas, and the interactive murder mystery show.  

Q: Is the Tea Room handicapped accessible? 

A: No. The Old Capitol Tea Room is a private residence that is a registered historic home so no changes can be made structurally to the front of the house and grounds. 

Q: When is the Tea Room open?

A: The Tea Room is NOT open daily. We operate out of our historic home in downtown Corydon and host themed events as well as private parties for groups of 10 or more. 

Q: Is The Old Capitol Tea Room open for walk-ins?

A: No. We are not open for walk-ins because all of the food for the tea room is prepared by our caterers and requires at least a week's notice to order and pick up, therefore we are not able to seat walk-ins. 

Q:How many does The Old Capitol Tea Room Seat?

A: We can seat up to 32 people comfortably between our two rooms that make up The Old Capitol Tea Room. 

Q: Where is parking for The Old Capitol Tea Room?

A: There is parking along the front of the house on Capitol Avenue but be mindful of the yellow line that prohibits parking towards High Street. There is also parking along the side of the house on High Street. 

Q:Where do I enter the Tea Room? 

A: You will enter and check in at the front of the house off of Capitol Avenue. We have a sun room entrance that acts as our check in area. Please wait to check in and be seated. For a private party, you may enter the main front door.

Q: When should I arrive for tea?

A: Most of our themed events are at 3 pm, 7pm, or 8pm (Murder Mystery Events) and we open the doors 10 minutes prior to each event.  

Q: When is tea served?

A: Our themed teas are typically served at 3pm or 7pm. Doors open 10 minutes prior to the event start time. Private Parties can be served as early as 1pm and as late as 3pm. We cannot allow guests to enter earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start time. 

Themed Teas 

Q: What are some of the themed teas and how can I find more information about when they happen?

A: In the past, we have hosted such themed teas as Mad Hatter's Tea, Sing-Along Tea with Mary Poppins, Downton Abbey Tea, Story Time with the Grinch and other seasonal/holiday themes. All of our events are posted on our Facebook page, The Old Capitol Tea Room.

Q: How can I stay up to date with the next themed tea?

A: Our tea events tend to sell very quickly so the best way to stay in touch is to make sure you are following our Facebook page. Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. The Old Capitol Tea Room Facebook is where all of our events are posted and information about each event and ticket updates are shared. 

Q: Do I need a minimum to attend a themed tea?

A: No. Our themed teas do no require a group of 10 or more to attend. We do need to have at least 10 people to open the Tea Room for each event. If for some reason we do not reach that amount, you will be notified and refunded if there is a cancellation of the themed tea. We are not able to seat single tickets as our tables are for groups of 2 or more. 

Q: What ages can attend teas?

A: We suggest ages of 4 years old and up for attending tea parties. 


Q: How do I make reservations?

A: We have several options for making reservations at the Tea Room for our themed events. 

By phone: You can call us at (812) 734-0076 and leave a voicemail with your name, number, email, and how many tickets you would like, and for which tea you would like to attend. We will call you back to process payment and confirm your reservation.

By email: You can also send us an email with your name, phone number, and how many tickets you would like for which tea. 
By Facebook message: You can also send us a message via our page, The Old Capitol Tea Room. 

Q: Are tickets prepaid?

A: Yes. When you make your reservation for the Tea Room, we take payment for the tickets over the phone via credit card or by sending an invoice using PayPal or Venmo. Tickets are final sale upon purchase and must be purchased to confirm reservations. No tickets are sold at the door. 

Q: How much are tickets?

A: Tickets are a prepaid all-inclusive $25/person both kids and adults. The ticket includes our sweet and savory tea tray, teas, and tax. 



Q: How much are tickets to the Tea Room?
A: Tickets are $25/person for our themed teas and for private parties. They are an all inclusive pre-paid fee that includes the tea tray, teas, and tax. 

*Murder Mystery Teas are $30/person. 

Q: Why are the teas prepaid?

A: Being that we are operating out of our historic home, we do not prepare any of the food at the house. Due to health code regulations, all of the food for the Tea Room must be catered and therefore we are not able to add or have any cancellations once the tickets have been purchased. 

Q: What if I can no longer attend a themed tea?
A: All ticket sales are final upon purchase. No exceptions. We have a no cancellation policy once the tickets have been purchased. If you are unable to attend the tea after you have purchased the tickets, it is your responsibility. You are welcome to send someone else in your place. Just have the person(s) attending check in under the name the tickets were originally purchased with. 

Q: Are ticket sales final?

A: Yes. We have very limited seating and are a small operation of two staff members. In addition to having to purchase the food in advance and plan for seating, we cannot refund any tickets that have already been sold. 

Q: What is served at The Old Capitol Tea Room?

A: With none of the food being prepared at the house, all food is catered. We serve a sweet and savory tea tray which is a sampler of traditional bite size afternoon tea treats such as scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts. 

Q: Is there a kids' menu? 

A: No. We do not have a kid's menu or kid's price for the teas. If your child is under the age of 4, they may share one of the adult's tea trays but we do not have a separate children's menu. 

Q: Is there a gluten free menu?

A: NO. Unfortunately we are limited on what we can offer as all of the food for the tea room is catered  and we operate with one main menu for our teas. Being a traditional style tea room, that menu is primarily tea sandwiches and sweets and the majority not gluten free. 

Grinch Tea Review.jpg

-- Faith Hopper

“A one of a kind character experience. Atmosphere was perfect. The sweet and savory tea assortment was wonderful, as were the flavored teas. Thank you so much for an evening my girls and I won’t soon forget. All the characters were wonderful.”

-- Jessica Brown

"My granddaughter and I had a wonderful time at the How the Grinch Stole Christmas tea! She rated it AAAA+! we definitely will be looking in to returning!"

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