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Vintage Tea Parties

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The Old Capitol Tea Room is a product of our more theatrically inclined minds, in which we try to make each themed tea event a full experience of pretend, a bit of magic, and of course some tea and treats. 

With a background in theatre, we have created a venue where guests attend, observe, and participate in a theatrical performance in correlation with the teas and food provided. It is a tea theatrical event, or as we like to call it "Teatre." In essence, the Tea Room is a stage and the curtain rises when guests enter. 

The thought of a proper tea has always been aesthetically appealing to me and I've been collecting tea cups and accessories for years. I believe you can't rush tea, it takes time to set up, brew, and enjoy. Initially, I invited girlfriends to participate in 1920's themed tea parties. I really enjoy planning and preparing the teas, taking time to iron the real linens, selecting the cups and saucers, really establishing a fully realized theme. 


Realizing the 2016 Corydon, Indiana Bicentennial Celebration would bring visitors to the downtown area, just one block from our historic home, the initial concept of providing a proper vintage tea room was born. The comfortable Tea Room atmosphere provides the ideal environment to encourage the guests to interact with the theme. 

Catered food is provided along with a variety of teas specifically selected for the event. The living room and dining room of our historic home are transformed for each event and make up the actual "tea room." The table settings are derived from my collection of vintage linen, china, flatware, and tea pots. However, The Old Capitol Tea Room is not a restaurant or a dinner theatre, but rather a creative and unique playhouse venture that engages an amazing mixture of theatre and tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This FAQ includes Basic Questions, Afternoon Teas, Tickets, Menu,  & Private Parties.




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"My granddaughter and I had a wonderful time at the How the Grinch Stole Christmas tea! She rated it AAAA+! we definitely will be looking in to returning!"

Review 1.jpg

"Always a relaxing and enjoyable time. Every pot of tea we've had here has been good. If you choose to join on a themed night where some acting is happening, lucky you. The owners have well rounded acting skills and cover a wide range of abilities. Refreshing to watch their take on Sleepy Hollow radio show, I Love Lucy, etc. We always look forward to the next event to be scheduled."

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"A one of a kind character experience. Atmosphere was perfect. The sweet and savory tea assortment was wonderful, as were the flavored teas. Thank you so much for an evening my girls and I won’t soon forget. All the characters were wonderful."

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