Ramblin' Rambler Roadtrips

Our love of vintage and a vintage lifestyle spills over into the cars we drive as well. We are on our second classic car, a 1959 Rambler SIx. We previously had a 1962 Corvair before buying the Rambler. The opportunity to buy the Rambler was quite serendipitous. And, it was not only the decade we were looking for, but it was also already the color we wanted. It needed some engine work and a new interior, but we were more than happy to give this classic car some new life. 

With the pandemic that seemingly stymied everything, we decided that getting out for a weekend drive could do wonders for our attitude. So, we started planning short adventures in the Rambler every weekend. We wanted to explore the southern Indiana and northern Kentucky area, trying to stay within 100 miles of home. 

It was such an escape for us! We get the opportunity to dress in some of our vintage clothing, hop in our classic '59 Rambler and just explore the region, socially safe. We call our adventures...Ramblin' Rambler Roadtrips!

1959 Rambler SIx
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