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Private Parties

Host Your Own Tea Party!

Book the Tea Room for your own private party. Spend the afternoon with your friends and family enjoying tea, treats, and the lovely historic and vintage setting of The Old Capitol Tea Room. 

The Old Capitol Tea Room is happy to host your special occasion. We host private parties for groups of 15 or more primarily on weekday or weeknights based on availability. We have limited weekend based on scheduling. We host baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, book clubs, church groups, meetings, etc. The cost is $40/person (kids and adults) and include a traditional afternoon style sweet and savory tea tray made up of finger sandwiches, desserts, selection of 3 loose leaf teas, and tax.

We require a minimum of 15 people to book a private party and can seat 30 comfortably between our dining room and living room.

There is a $100 booking fee to be paid in advance to secure your desired date. This booking fee secures your date, time, and two hours in the tea room. This booking fee is non-refundable and does not go towards your final bill. 

October, November, and December are our busiest months of the year and private parties are NOT available on weekends. We are happy to look at weekdays and weeknights during these months. 

If you are interested in a private party, please fill out our Private Party Booking Form by clicking below. We do require the $100 booking fee at the time of your booking  to secure your date at the tea room. This booking fee is non-refundable and does not go towards your final bill. Final headcount and payment must be submitted one week prior to the event. 


Hosting Made Easy! Take a look inside The Old Capitol Tea Room and let us host your special event.  


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Private Party FAQ

Q: How many people do I need to book a private party?
A: We require at least a group of 15 to book a private party. If you have less than 15 but would like to host a private party, payment for 15 people must be submitted to fulfill our minimum catering order.

Q: When can I book a private party? 

A: Private parties are based on availability of the house but can be scheduled weekday, weeknights or some weekends. Very limited weekend availability. 

Weekday Party Time Frames - 12-2pm OR 1-3pm

Weeknight Party Time Frames - 5-7pm OR 6-8pm

Weekend Party Time Frames - 12-2 pm OR 1-3pm 

Q: How do I book a private party?

A: To book a private party, please submit your information via our Private Party Booking Form.

Private Party Booking | Our Technicolor Life

We will check your desired dates with our calendar and confirm your booking. 

Q: What kind of private parties does the tea room host?

A: We host baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, book clubs, company meetings, church groups, and other special occasions. 

Q: Is there a deposit to book the Tea Room for a private party? 

A: Yes. We do require a $100 booking fee once your date and time has been chosen to book the Tea Room. We require a final headcount and payment submitted for that final headcount one week prior to the tea event. Once final number is submitted all payments are final for catering purposes. 

Q: What if I have a cancellation after I've booked my private party? 

A: To fulfill our catering requirements, we must have at least 15 paying guests to place our catering order. If you have a cancellation, it is your responsibility to either fill the seat or we can box up the remaining tea trays for your party as a to go order. We cannot take food back to our caterers once the final headcount and payment has been submitted. Once food is ordered and purchased all transactions are final. No exceptions. 

Q: What is the cost?

A:  Seats are an all-inclusive $40 person (kids and adults). The event includes 2 hours, a sweet and savory tea tray of finger sandwiches and desserts, selection of 3 loose leaf teas, and tax. All ticket sales are final upon purchase. No exceptions. Final headcount and payment for that final headcount must be submitted the Monday prior to your tea date. 

Q: What is on the menu?

A:  With none of the food being prepared at the house, all food is catered. We serve a sweet and savory tea tray which is a sampler of traditional bite size afternoon tea treats such as scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts. 

Q: Can I bring outside food to my private party?

A: No. Due to health code regulations we are not allowed to have outside food brought into the tea room. We can, however allow special occasion cakes if from a bakery.

Q: Can I decorate for my private party? 

A: Yes. We frequently set up a gift table for such occasions as bridal showers or baby showers that you may decorate as you wish. You may also bring other decorations and items such as balloons or table decor. The tea room is always decorated in a vintage style so decor is not necessarily needed. Keep in mind the doors open 10 minutes prior to tea time. If  you need to show up early to decorate, your two hour party time will start upon that arrival time. 

Q: Is there entertainment at a private party?

A: No. A private party is a booking for your own group to have a tea party. Your group will be the only private party booked at the tea room. 

Q: How long are private parties?

A: Private parties are booked for 2 hours. If more time is needed, additional time can be arranged at a cost of $100/hr. 

Q: Are private parties themed?

A: No. Private parties are not themed and are generally booked to enjoy time with friends and family with a traditional afternoon style tea party.


 *If you still need more information that we have not answered, please feel free to send a message via The Old Capitol Tea Room Facebook page or by email at

Q: Where do I park?

A: There is parking in front of the house on Capitol Avenue. Do not park where there are yellow lines. That is a turn lane, and you will get a ticket. There is additional parking on our side street, High Street. Walk to the front of the house and enter where the signs are posted. 

Q: When should I arrive?

A: Doors open 10 minutes prior to your teatime, We do not allow early arrival/entry. 

*Private Party Peak Season (Oct.-Dec.)

Weekends during the months of October, November, and December are our busiest time of year and private parties are not available on weekends. We are happy to look into private party dates October, November, and December for weekdays or weeknights.  

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