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Our Technicolor Life

Jeff and Carrie Ketterman

Welcome to our Technicolor Life! We are a husband and wife team that lives a vintage lifestyle in full color. There's never a dull moment with our many adventures through our tea room, travel, entertainment, and our art. 

A modern day Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz,

Jeff and Carrie Ketterman's host TEA parties at

The Old Capitol Tea Room, TRAVEL in The Not So Long Trailer, ENTERTAIN with two bands Rosie & the Rockabillies and The Tin Pan Alley Cats, create ART and share our LIFESTYLE.

Follow along each channel that makes up

Our Technicolor Life.  


Our Technicolor Life

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Step back into a simple & peaceful time at The Old Capitol Tea Room. Located in historic Corydon, Indiana, we operate out of our historic home  hosting public & private tea parties.


A  fun-loving redhead & her musical husband discovering the USA in our traveling homage to Lucy & Desi, The Not So Long Trailer.


Two vintage themed bands - Rosie & The Rockabillies is a 1950s cover band while the Tin Pan Alley Cats features a 1920s-1940s vibe.

Lucy & Desi Tribute Show

The Music That Helped Win the War


Carrie Cooke Ketterman Art

 because life is too short for boring art. Original canvas artwork, children's books, coloring books, unique gifts, and mural services. 


Vintage lifestyle features  our love for the past & all things vintage.  

Upcoming Events

September 2023
7:00 PM
SOLD OUT Hocus Pocus Tea Party - Sunday October 1st
+1 more
1:00 PM
Alice and Mad Hatter Story Time at the New Albany - Floyd County Public Library
+1 more
7:00 PM
SOLD OUT Hocus Pocus Tea Party - Friday October 6th
+1 more
7:00 PM
SOLD OUT Hocus Pocus Tea Party - Sunday October 8th
+1 more



Every Lucille Ball fan needs this coloring book!!!

🎨 Color your world with this delightful Lucille Ball coloring book! The illustrations in the Lucy coloring book were meticulously created by myself, bringing to life the magic and joy of Lucy. 🖌️🌟

📚💕 Tap the link below to order yours today. 🛍️ ##LucilleBall #ColoringBook #FanMustHave #CreativeFun

🎨 🖍️The Lucy Coloring Book:

Don't be unpoopular! Order your copy today!

Now Available on Amazon!

🎨 🖍️The Lucy Coloring Book:

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🎃📻 Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween season at The Old Capitol Tea Room! If you're a fan of old-time radio shows, we've got a treat for you. 🍂🍁 Join us for two classic radio drama performances by The Capitol Players that will send shivers down your spine!

🍂🕯First up, immerse yourself in the timeless tale of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Experience the eerie adventures of Ichabod Crane as he encounters the mysterious Headless Horseman. 🐴💀 You won't want to miss this hauntingly good time!


🦇🌑 And that's not all! As the Halloween season comes to a chilling close, we're bringing you the legendary Count Dracula himself in a bone-chilling radio drama. 🦇❤🧛‍♂️ Brace yourself for a mesmerizing encounter with the dark knight of the night.

🎟️ Hurry and grab your tickets for these spine-tingling performances! We're offering two shows of each radio drama, so you can choose the time that suits you best. 📅 It's the perfect blend of a tea party at The Old Capitol Tea Room and classic radio thrills.

🎫 Secure your spot for a hair-raising and fang-tastic experience:


🎃Sleepy Hollow Radio Show - Friday October 20th and Sunday October 22nd both at 7pm




🎃Dracula Radio Show - Saturday October 28th and Sunday October 29th at 7pm




Join us for a Halloween celebration that brings together the best of both worlds – the charm of The Old Capitol Tea Room and the captivating allure of vintage radio dramas. 🍂📻🦇 Get ready for a howling good time! 🎃👻 ##OldTimeRadioHalloweenldTimeRadioHalloween #SpookySeason

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Welcome to Our Technicolor Life! We are a husband and wife team that lives a vintage lifestyle in full color through our many adventures in our tea room, travel, entertainment, and art. Follow along each channel that makes up Our Technicolor Life.

We are Jeff and Carrie Ketterman. During the day, Jeff is a General Manager with Kasgro Rail Corporation Management Division. With a fleet of over 500 heavy-duty cars, Jeff works daily to provide solutions to various needs of the multi-dimensional rail transportation industry. By day, Carrie is a painter, illustrator, and author creating murals, & paintings.

After closing up shop for the day. Jeff and Carrie host themed tea parties out of their historic home at The Old Capitol Tea Room, travel to festivals and vacation in The Not So Long Trailer, and have two bands, a 1950s style band, Rosie & the Rockabillies, and a 1920s style band, The Tin Pan Alley Cats. Each of these channels makes up our Technicolor Life.


Fall Events

If you read last month's newsletter, we gave you a look at upcoming events for the Fall season. So you should have your calendars all set for Wednesday August 2nd at 11am because that is when our Fall events and ticket sales are announced right here on the website.

-Friday September 15th at 7pm - Lucy & Desi Tribute Show - SOLD OUT

-Sunday September 17th at 7pm - The Music That Helped Win the War 1940s Tribute Show - SOLD OUT

-Friday September 22nd - DiscoTeaque Tea at 8pm

-Friday September 29th - Halloween Murder Mystery at 8pm

-Sunday October 1st at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Friday October 6th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Sunday October 8th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Tuesday October 10th at 7pm - Haunted Mansion

-Friday October 13th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Sunday October 15th at 7pm - Beetlejuice Tea & Trivia

-Friday October 20th at 7pm - Sleepy Hollow Radio Drama

-Sunday October 22nd at 7pm - Sleepy Hollow Radio Drama

-Tuesday October 26th at 7pm - Nightmare Before Christmas StoryTime

-Saturday October 28th at 7pm - Dracula Radio Drama

-Sunday October 29th at 7pm - Dracula Radio Drama

**Please read each description for each tea event for more details. Familiarize yourself with our seating chart if you are new to the tearoom and double check your order before checking out. Once your order has been placed, we cannot alter your order. There will be a lot of traffic on the site tomorrow so when in doubt refresh, refresh, refresh! And as always, all ticket sales are final, no exceptions. **

We've got soo many fun events for you all in store this October! We look forward to sharing our home with you during the spooky season! Being that we have such a full schedule of events in October, there are no private parties available that month.

In July we hosted Snow White StoryTime, our fan favorite - Not A Clue Murder Mystery, and a magical weekend of Harry Potter Birthday! Check out just a few of our pictures from these tea events!


The Not So Long Trailer made its way down to Florida for a little fun in the sun! Check out all the fabulous pictures and sights along the way in our blog posts, The Not So Long Trailer Goes to Florida. Highlights include Wakulla Springs of Creature of the Black Lagoon fame, charming Apalachicola, Weeki Wachee to see the mermaids, Tarpon Springs, The Ringling Museum and more! Read about each action-packed day in our previous blog posts.


It was a very musical July as well! Rosie and the Rockabillies headed to West Boggs for their annual Sweet Summer Sounds concert series. We have a ton of new tunes this summer season as we gear up for all kinds of summer festivals.

This week Rosie & the Rockabillies head back to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens for their Bourbon and Botanical Summer Concert Series. Now this event is sold out BUT we'll also be at Odon for their Old Settlers Days Saturday August 5th from 8-10pm. Make plans to join us for this exciting festival located at Odon Park 312 Park Street in charming Odon, Indiana. This will be the 138th Odon Old Settlers Festival featuring fun for the whole family including great live entertainment, amazing food, activities for kids, and more!

The Tin Pan Alley Cats has been busy arranging tunes for our many upcoming tea concerts, private bookings, and our public concerts. We spent one groovy night at Harrison Springs for their Disco night featuring songs by ABBA, America, Don McClean, Carly Simon, The BeeGees, and even a couple of songs from the King himself.

If you love music from the 1970s, we do have one last tea concert on the schedule, but hurry seating is very limited. We currently have just a few tables left for our DiscoTEAque Tea Concert taking place at The Old Capitol Tea Room Friday September 22nd at 8pm. Join us for live 1970s tunes, desserts, and tea - Disco & Desserts if you will!

Purchase tickets here:

You asked and we listened! You asked for more live music, so this summer we are hosting a bevy of tea concerts including our SpaceOddiTEA featuring all songs to do with outer space. We're hosting a Roaring 20s which is well within our wheelhouse and our favorite tunes to sing. The SpaceOddiTEA and Roaring 20s Tea Concerts are sold out but act quickly and you can grab one of our remaining tables for our DiscoTEAque Tea Concert. Mark your calendar for September 16th from 7-10pm at The Overlook in Leavenworth, Indiana for some live entertainment by The Tin Pan Alley Cats. The Overlook is a staple of Southern Indiana featuring great home cooking, excellent views of the Ohio River, cold drinks, and a fantastic atmosphere for some outdoor live tunes. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Overlook Restaurant

1153 IN-62

Leavenworth, IN 47137

While we're talking dates, go ahead and add Friday September 8th at 7pm at the Grand Ole Country Music Show to the calendar. Rosie and the Rockabillies will be performing live starting at 7pm as part of their Friday Night Concert Series!

Grand Ole Country Music Show

407 South Street

West Point, KY 40177

And we're not done yet, Rosie & The Rockabillies will also be performing at the Enchanted Forest in downtown New Albany Saturday September 23rd from 8-11pm. Grab a group of friends and make an evening out of it at the fabulous Enchanted Forest located at 45 W 1st St in downtown New Albany.


The sun-kissed days of summer have infused my art studio with warmth and creativity, sparking a burst of colors on my canvas. I am excited to share my recent artistic endeavors featuring a collection of captivating Barbie. Lisa Frank, and Circus/Sideshow paintings. Each piece is a testament to the joyful and inspiring energy that the summer season brings, and I am delighted to offer them for sale on my website.

Barbie - A Timless Icon of Elegance

Drawing inspiration from the new movie and this timeless Barbie doll, my paintings pay homage to her enduring charm and elegance. With each stroke of the brush, I sought to capture her grace and charisma, presenting her in her iconic swimsuit that resonate with both nostalgia and contemporary allure. These Barbie paintings exude confidence, beauty, and empowerment, making them a perfect addition to any art collection or an enchanting gift for Barbie enthusiasts.

Lisa Frank - Embracing Whimsical Wonder

Stepping into the whimsical world of Lisa Frank's art, I delved into a realm of imagination and magic. Drawing inspiration from her vibrant and fantastical creations, my paintings reflect a playful and dreamlike aesthetic. The kaleidoscope of colors dance across the canvas, bringing to life mystical creatures, ethereal landscapes, and mesmerizing patterns. These artworks are a celebration of embracing one's inner child and finding joy in the enchantment of the world around us.

Circus/Sideshow Art - Unveiling the Extravaganza

The alure of the Circus and Sideshow has been an intriguing subject for my recent artistic exploration. Through these paintings, I've sought to capture the excitement and wonder of these captivating spectacles. The charismatic performers come alive on the canvas, inviting viewers to relish the spirit of adventure and entertainment that defines the circus world.

All the paintings in this vibrant collection are currently available for purchase on my shop. Each artwork has been crafted with love and dedication, aiming to resonate with art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Owning one of these paintings means no boring artwork and a splash of color into your living spaces, uplifting your spirits and igniting your imagination. Head over to my shop, explore this kaleidoscope of colors, and make these artworks a part of your art collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Happy art shopping!


Next up, I head to the tropics when I begin a tropical "it's 5 o'clock" beach inspired mural for a clients home bar. Stay tuned for pictures from my mural project!


Welcome to Toytime Chronicles! My latest hobby! This is primarily for my own nostalgia merriment but I created a page for anyone else who still embraces the joy of childhood play.

At Toytime Chronicles, I celebrate the magic of imagination and the wonders of playtime that never truly fade away. This page is a nostalgic haven for all the young-at-heart souls who cherish the joy of still playing with toys.

I've always loved toys and am fortunate enough to have parents who saved everything! In the recent years of spring cleaning, I found such excitement getting some of these treasures back out of storage. With so much going on in our daily lives, it's really important to make time to play and not forget to have some fun.

If you're a toy enthusiast, you can follow my new page, ToyTime Chronocles where I plan to post lots of fun videos of toys new and old. Follow ToyTimeChronicles on Facebook and Instagram!


This concludes our July we move into August in Our Technicolor Life! Please explore the website and share with friends & family! This website our one stop shop for all of our events and information. Don't forget to subscribe so you stay in the loop and check out our upcoming events section right on the home page!

Yours truly,

Carrie & Jeff


Thursday August 3rd 7-8:45 Bourbon and Botanicals Concert - SOLD OUT

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Friday August 4th 8pm Space OddiTEA Tea Concert - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Saturday August 5th 8-10pm Rosie and the Rockabillies at Odon Old Setters Day

Odon, IN

Friday August 11th 7pm Summer of Love Show & Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Sunday August 13th 7pm Barbie ParTEA - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Tuesday August 1st 1pm Camping Critters Book Signing at The Inspired Child

Corydon, IN

Tuesday August 15th 7pm Barbie ParTEA - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Friday August 18th 7pm Elvis Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Sunday August 20th 7pm Elvis Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Friday August 25th 8pm Capitol Club Muder Mystery - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Thursday August 31st Private Party Booking at The Old Capitol Tea Room - Not Open to Public

Corydon, IN

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