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Maine Reason for Camping

Day Seven

Today was the drive up from Gloucester to Wiscasset, ME. It’s a lovely drive if you take your time and hug the coastline. We had visited several of these coastal towns on a previous trip three years ago. Our beautiful weather ran out today; it was overcast and we ran into a few showers along the way. We made it up to one of our favorite campgrounds in Maine, Chewonki Campground! We set up and headed into Wiscasset for a lobster roll at Red’s Eats. This place is just a small roadside stand, but the line to get their lobster rolls forms before they open and stays long until they cut off orders at 5. If you are ever in Wiscasset, you have to check it out! We then drove up to Boothbay Harbor for the afternoon. It wasn’t the best of weather, but we still enjoyed walking the town and the great footbridge across the inlet. Oh! And we drove by Newagen on the way back to the campground and ran into some friendly alpacas!

Tomorrow we make it up to Bah Hahbah! (That’s Bar Harbor for those not familiar with Maine dialect.) 😁❤️

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