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Port Towns & Lobster Rolls

The morning started with getting a new spare tire for the camper. Once we got that task accomplished, we headed east to Salem, MA!

We arrived at Cape Ann Campground near Gloucester around 2:30 and set up full camp! We are here two days so it’s a full camp set-up! Full camp means everything gets set up. 😁

We again had magnificent weather! We headed over to Gloucester for a bit before taking in the sights of Rockport. We love both of these great port towns in Massachusetts, but Rockport is our favorite. After roaming around the town and visiting a few shops, we headed back to Gloucester for some fresh seafood! The lobster up in this area, of course, is amazing! And for the record, the lobster rolls at the Blue Collar Lobster Company is as good as it gets!

After a quick bite we headed back the campground to make a quick change into my first of two “Salem Halloween Outfits” I brought for the trip! I think I chose wisely. 😁 Jeff planned it so we could be in Salem for the full Harvest Moon! It did NOT disappoint! The skies were clear and the moon was brilliant! Wow!

Not sure how we too this day, but tomorrow we are sure going to give it a try!!

Up next, Salem (day 2) and Marblehead!!

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