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Magic in Salem & Marblehead

Day Six

We stopped by the new Witches Memorial, made a second visit into Salem, ventured over to Winter Island to visit a favorite little lighthouse, and then we explored Marblehead for the first time. And, I mean we REALLY explored Marblehead.

I (Jeff) found a 43 point walking tour on line and we walked over 8 miles seeing things we would have overlooked otherwise. It was so very interesting and truly educational. The history in this seaport town is unreal! I had no idea! And for an American history nut like myself, our time spent here went far too quickly.

Did you know that the original painting of “The Spirit of ‘76” by Archibald Willard is displayed in Abbot Hall in Marblehead? Willard painted the iconic American masterpiece that features three Revolutionary patriots courageously marching to battle - a white-haired central drummer who is flanked by a young boy drummer and a fifer. It was purchased by Marblehead native General John Devereux in 1880 and brought back to Marblehead where it still remains on display.

This historic seaport has many ties to The Revolutionary War, including being the birthplace of the US Navy. Did you know that the men who ferried General George Washington across the Delaware were Marbleheaders? They were, indeed. The “Hannah”, the first “war ship” that was commissioned by General Washington came from Marblehead. There are SO many historic points of interest in this town.

The beauty of this town in also exceptional. AND, the locals were SO friendly. During our walk we had several who stopped to talk to us. Part of the reason, of course, was seeing a glamorous, beautiful redhead walking the streets in heels, dress, gloves and hat. Many came to tell her how much they wished everyone “still dressed like that”, recognizing that Carrie was attired in a 1940s look. We met a group of seniors at a park that were so very interested in Carrie’s “look” and talked to her for about 15 minutes. As we left them they all thanked her for dressing up to visit their town.

As we finished our walking tour my feet were killing me. Then I remembered, Carrie had just walked the entirety of the tour wearing HEELS!

I said, “Aren’t your feet killing you?! Don’t you have blisters from wearing heels after all that (walking)?”

She said, “I’m sure I do, but wasn’t this SO fun?!”

She was truly giddy.


I absolutely love her zest for life. 🥰

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