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Just a bump in the road

Day Four

Wellll…today started off rather challenging. We had our first tire blowout on the camper. We were fortunate that we have a dual axle and only one tire went on the left (back) side. But, it did do some damage to the tire well and ripped off the fender piece when the tread separated and beat the side of the trailer to pieces. Ugh!!

We were a bit concerned that this would wipe out our big plans for the day and that we would miss a ticketed event for the afternoon, but AAA came to the rescue in the person of Rico and he had us back on the road in just over an hour. (Good thing we carry a new spare tire.)

So, the day started out rather ominous, but ended strong! We had just enough time to stop by Sleepy Hollow, NY and visit some of the great town references from the book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving and also visit his gravesite.

From there, we headed up to Hartford, CT for our 3:20 tour of Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemons) home! It was so beautiful! I can see why Clemons once stated “It was the loveliest home there ever was”. The dark wood throughout the home is magnificent. Although photography was not allowed in the home, we got some great shots on the property after the tour.

We ended the day setting up camp in Lake Compounce Campground (aka Bear Creek Campground) and then running quickly over to see “America’s Oldest Amusement Park” - Lake Compounce, before they closed for the day. It was right at park closing, so they let us just wander in and have a free look around and grab some quick photos!

Whew. That was quite a day.

Now, on to Massachusetts to visit Salem and the lovely seaports that line its northern coast!

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