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This is “Sarge”. He is a volunteer at the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes. Sarge saw us pull up in our Lucy camper and immediately came to find us...or to find Carrie, actually. He is an Army veteran and at 80 he has a great many stories that he loves to tell. He fell in love with Carrie and I thought he might try keep her. 😂 He was totally enamored with her and I almost felt guilty having to take Carrie away from him. He loved the attention that she gave him and he looked almost heartbroken when the curator told him he needed to go assist others in the museum.

People, please don’t dismiss the elderly. They were young once too. Sometimes they just want to feel appreciated and know that someone is interested in what they have to say.

We spent probably an hour with Sarge as he followed us around telling about the displays and trying to think of every excuse to stay close to Carrie - until he was told to “stand down” by curator. 😁

We told Sarge we would be back to visit him soon. I asked if I could get a photo with him and Carrie. I’m going to mail a print of it to him at the museum. 😉

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