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Nemours Estate - Wilmington, DE

Our afternoon at Nemours Estate - Wilmington, DE.

This five-story, 105 room, 47,000 sq ft home was completed in 1910 as a gift from Alfred du Pont to his second wife, Alicia. The house is done in the Louis XVI style of French architecture. The grounds feature the largest French formal gardens in the US. The design is patterned after the “Gardens of Versailles”.

Alfred du Pont was the son of famed chemist and inventor, E. I. du Pont, whose gunpowder business was the catalyst for the family’s fortune. As an inventor, E. I. du Pont gave us Lycra, Teflon, Kevlar, Freon, Lucite and Nylon. He was a pretty sharp cookie. 😉

If you are ever in the Wilmington area, take time to visit Nemours Estate. It rivals most anything that the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, or Morgans could boast.

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