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My kind of rainy day...

This was, without a doubt, a near perfect day for me. It seems that the rain and cloudy skies have settled into our area for the time being but we still wanted to explore so we dug out some

warmer clothes and headed out.

Well after a late brunch in the camper that is. Brunch is my favorite kind of meal so we started there to let the heavy rains subside before checking out more of Chester County, PA. For those that know us, they know we love to vintage shop. Outside of historic towns and historic sites, we love check out local antique and vintage shops while traveling. Well a not so short trip to Malena’s Vintage sure did the trick! We walked in and immediately felt at home, not to mention, the super wonderful staff gave us a sneak shopping experience into the back room

full of vintage goodies! I ended up with some

wonderful pieces including a gorgeous 1950s suit with matching bolero jacket, 1960s romper, and a stunning 1940s mauve satin gown.

As wonderful as the downtown area seemed to be, I knew there had to be a bookstore too! Well just under 2 miles away we discovered a four-story dairy-barn-turned-bookstore at Baldwin’s Book Barn! Talk about the place to be on a cold rainy afternoon. I was in book heaven! After an afternoon of vintage and books, Jeff tracked down some of the best crab cakes on the east coast at John’s Seafood. A short carry out order and two dirt puddings later we were back at the camper for our feast! Turns out this rainy day wasn’t so bad after all.

Needless to say, there has been some damage to the closet and storage space in the camper. 🙄😆

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