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Monthly Newsletter: July 2023 (No.18)

Welcome to Our Technicolor Life! We are a husband and wife team that lives a vintage lifestyle in full color through our many adventures in our tea room, travel, entertainment, and art. Follow along each channel that makes up Our Technicolor Life.

We are Jeff and Carrie Ketterman. During the day, Jeff is a General Manager with Kasgro Rail Corporation Management Division. With a fleet of over 500 heavy-duty cars, Jeff works daily to provide solutions to various needs of the multi-dimensional rail transportation industry. By day, Carrie is a painter, illustrator, and author creating murals, & paintings.

After closing up shop for the day. Jeff and Carrie host themed tea parties out of their historic home at The Old Capitol Tea Room, travel to festivals and vacation in The Not So Long Trailer, and have two bands, a 1950s style band, Rosie & the Rockabillies, and a 1920s style band, The Tin Pan Alley Cats. Each of these channels makes up our Technicolor Life.


Story Time Tea Parties

This past month we saw the return of many fan favorite princesses including Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and even the Fairy Queen for our Fairy Princess Story Time Tea plus a special visit from Captain Hook and Wendy.

We went stared the month with a new theme, Peter Pan Story Time hosted by Captain James Hook and Wendy. Then we went Under the Sea with a visit from Ariel and Sebastian, to the magical woodlands with the Queen Fairy and Norbert the Gonme, a story time and sing along with Princess Charming and Cinderella, and finished the month with Snow White and Grumpy. It was lovely that during the course of these couple of weekends we had soo many visitors from so many different parts of the state. We hosted visitors from Carmel, Loogootee, Fort Wayne, and Evansville.

Fall Events

Mark your calendars for Wednesday August 2nd at 11am because that is when our Fall events and ticket sales are announced right here on the website.

Here's a sneak peak at what we've got coming up in October. Set yourself an alarm and be ready to grab your tickets to the spookiest fun in town.

-Friday September 15th at 7pm - Lucy & Desi Tribute Show

-Sunday September 17th at 7pm - The Music That Helped Win the War 1940s Tribute Show

-Friday September 22nd - DiscoTeaque Tea at 8pm

-Friday September 29th - Halloween Murder Mystery at 8pm

-Sunday October 1st at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Friday October 6th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Sunday October 8th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Friday October 13th at 7pm - Hocus Pocus

-Sunday October 15th at 7pm - Beetlejuice Tea & Trivia

-Friday October 20th at 7pm - Sleepy Hollow Radio Drama

-Sunday October 22nd at 7pm - Sleepy Hollow Radio Drama

-Saturday October 28th at 7pm - Dracula Radio Drama

-Sunday October 29th at 7pm - Dracula Radio Drama

And for those Hocus Pocus fans out there, we've created our own fan page for more Hocus Pocus fun year round! Follow The Sisters Sanderson on Facebook for pictures, music videos, and more!

Private Parties

Our private party information has been updated with a private party booking form and booking availability. In 2023, private parties will primarily be hosted on weekdays and weeknights with limited weekend availability. We host baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, book clubs, church groups, meetings, etc. The cost is $35/person (kids and adults) and include a traditional afternoon style sweet and savory tea tray made up of finger sandwiches, desserts, selection of 3 loose leaf teas, and tax. We require a minimum of 15 people to book a private party and can seat 32 comfortably between our dining room and living room.

There is a $100 booking fee to be paid in advance to secure your desired date. This booking fee secures your date, time, and two hours in the tea room. This booking fee is non-refundable and does not go towards your final bill. October, November, and December are our busiest months of the year and private parties are NOT available on weekends. We are happy to look at weekdays and weeknights during these months. If you are interested in a private party, please fill out our Private Party Booking Form. We do require the $100 booking fee at the time of your booking to secure your date at the tea room. This booking fee is non-refundable and does not go towards your final bill. Final headcount and payment must be submitted one week prior to the event.

The private party booking form now includes party time frames for you to select. Our public tea events do take precedence over private parties. If we have a Friday/Sunday public tea event, we do not host private parties the Saturday in between.

Weekday Private Party Time Frames - 12-2pm

OR 1-3pm

Weeknight Private Party Time Frames - 5-7pm

OR 6-8pm

Weekend Private Party Time Frames - 12-2 pm

OR 1-3pm


La Bodeguita, Wild Lights, Crescent Hill Garden Show, and Fontaine Ferry

Whirlwind Weekend. It’s what we do. Whew. I think sometimes I need weekend to recover from our weekend. Dinner at La Bodeguita de Mima to start of the weekend. Throw in a trip to the Louisville Zoo’s Wild Lights, the Crescent Hill Garden Tour, the British Bash car club show, the acquisition of a vintage Fontaine Ferry ticket booth, and a trip to gather a few pieces of driftwood at Falls of The Ohio State Part…and that makes for a pretty full, yet fun, weekend.

RICA - Rail Industry Clearing Association

Jeff’s “real” job in rail allows us to travel to some pretty cool places, especially for the annual conference of the Rail Industrial Clearance Association. Last year we visited New Orleans for the conference. This year we got to explore Indianapolis. Next year…Savannah!

For the final night of the Indy conference we got to party in the city’s beautiful Arts Garden and then enjoyed a late night dinner at The Eagles Nest, the rotating restaurant atop the downtown Hyatt.

Jeff works for a company (Kasgro) that supplies heavy-duty rail cars to all of North America, moving some of the biggest stuff over rail with some of the biggest rail cars that you can hardly even imagine.

The Cake Bake

I am a planner. When we go on a trip, I want to know where we are going each day so I can carefully plan my wardrobe and know what to pack.

Thankfully, my husband, Jeff, is very detailed when planning our trips and gives me an itinerary. If you have seen the size of our little retro camper, you know that I have to be somewhat selective in what I pack - to a degree. I will be the first to admit I always overpack. BUT, a girl needs options! Weather changes and can affect my choice for that day or portion of the day. (Yes, I have been known to change outfits multiple times in one day. In fact, it happens more often than not.)

The photos on this post are from a recent trip to Indianapolis and a visit to The Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple, just north of downtown Indy.

I LOVE this shop!! From the decor to the wonderful menu and cocktails, it is ALL so decedent and good. And, you had better believe if I am going to a shop like this, I’m going to have to wear a pink tulle cupcake swing dress.

This dress is another great find from Unique Vintage. I checked and they no longer offer this particular color, but they do have hot pink in this cupcake style. Everyone needs at least one cupcake dress. They are SO fun!

But, back to the Cake Bake shop. Ready for some news regarding this wonderful Indiana establishment? Gwendolyn Rogers, owner of the Cake Bake shop will be opening a third location later this year. (The original two shops are in the Indianapolis area - Carmel and Broad Ripple) AND, the new location will be on the magical boardwalk in…DISNEY WORLD!!

I have to admit, I am a bit obsessed with this lady and her cake shops. I may need to aspire to follow her lead with my little tea room.

New Harmony Firefly Festival

We happened upon the quaint and historic little town of New Harmony, Indiana a few years ago. Like so many small towns in the Hoosier state and across the country it has a uniqueness about it, and New Harmony is even more unique than most. It began as a religious, utopian settlement.

Established by the Harmony Society in 1814 under the leadership of George Rapp, the town was originally known as Harmony (also called Harmonie, or New Harmony). In its early years the 20,000-acre settlement was the home of Lutherans who had separated from the official church in the Duchy of Württemberg and immigrated to the United States. The Harmonists, as they called themselves, built this new town in the Indiana wilderness, but after ten years, they decided to abandon the idea and in 1824 they sold their property and returned to Pennsylvania.

Robert Owen, a Welsh industrialist and social reformer, purchased the town in 1825 with the intention of creating a new utopian community and renamed it New Harmony. The Owenite social experiment failed two years after it began.

New Harmony changed American education and scientific research. Town residents established the first public library, a civic drama club, and a public school system open to men and women. Its prominent citizens included Owen's sons: Robert Dale Owen, an Indiana congressman and social reformer who sponsored legislation to create the Smithsonian Institution; David Dale Owen, a noted state and federal geologist; William Owen, a New Harmony businessman; and Richard Owen, Indiana state geologist, Indiana University professor, and first president of Purdue University. The town also served as the second headquarters of the U.S. Geological Survey.

There are some fascinating must-sees in New Harmony. The Roofless Church is a serene and pastoral courtyard that should be visited both during the day and at night. It is almost other-worldly in design. Many of the town’s original buildings have been either rebuilt or recreated and make for a Williamsburg type of setting.

The town boasts two labyrinths, one a simple stone walkabout and the other a living labyrinth just on the edge of town. There are several wonderful shops, (the soap shop is amazing), and quite a few unique restaurants and small diners (the Main Diner is a must for breakfast or brunch and The Red Geranium is our go-to for dinner).

BUT, one of the main reasons we venture out to New Harmony during the summer season is their Firefly Festival! This annual weekend festival in June/July celebrates that bioluminescent beetle (yes, they are classified as beetles), the firefly - or, lightning bug, as some call them. There are over a hundred species of bioluminescent beetles throughout the world. There are 43 in the Hoosier state, alone. As with humans, some fireflies are just not that bright. Actually, some species can’t fire at all! Of the 43 species in Indiana, 31 can light up. It was truly fascinating learning more about these butt-blazing beetles! I was so intrigued I had to order a firefly field guide, “Fireflies, Glow Worms and Lightning Bugs” by Lynn Frierson Faust.

Now, if you want to learn more about the fascinating little town of New Harmony, there are several books I can recommend, but one that is a must read is by Jane Blaffer Owen - “New Harmony Indiana - Like a River, Not a Lake”. Mrs Owen’s husband, Kenneth Dale Owen, was the great-great-grandson of Robert Owen, the founder of the utopian society.

Here is our Firefly Festival weekend in pictures! (Yes, I came prepared with wings.)

What a great weekend at the Firefly Festival in New Harmony, IN! I couldn’t resist taking my fairy wings that Jeff made for me several years ago. They were a hit!! SO many children came up wanting photos with the “firefly fairy”! It makes me realize that sometimes the extra little things you do that are special for you, are also special for others as well.

We had a fun little photo shoot and learned so many great facts about fireflies!

Did you know?… *There are 43 different species of fireflies in Indiana alone. *Of that number, 31 can actually “fire”. *The most common Hoosier species is called The Big Dipper, which ”fire” every six seconds. *Only the male firefly generally flies and “fires”. He does so to impress the female that sits and waits to be “courted”. *Fireflies have an average lifespan of two weeks. *The larvae or pupa can be dormant for as long as two to three years underground before emerging for their brief 2-week life. *Fireflies are toxic. Don’t eat too many, or you may regret it. *The firefly is Indiana’s State Insect. (Who knew?) Here are some of the photos Jeff took Saturday night for the “firefly walk” in New Harmony!


West Boggs - Saturday July 8th 6:30-8

Rosie and the Rockabillies have been busy in rehearsals adding new songs to our summer festival set list. We'll be at West Boggs in Loogotee, IN. Saturday night July 8th from 6:30-8pm. This will be our third year performaning at West Boggs as a part of their Summer Concer Series and it's always a good time. We hope to see lots of familiar faces ready to boogie.

To Kill a Mockingbird - The Kentucky Center

We took time out of our busy schedule for the arts! To Kill a Mockingbird at the Kentucky Center was in town for a few days and it's one of our favorites. Richard Thomas (John Boy from The Waltons) played Atticus Finch in this Broadway touring production. ALSO, Mary Badham (who played Scout in the 1962 film version starring Gregory Peck), was in the production as well! Now, at 70 years old, she plays the crotchety old neighbor lady, Mrs Dubose.


Camping Critters and The Lucy Coloring Book

Exciting news, everyone! Jeff and I are thrilled to announce the release of our new books for sale online, bringing together storytelling and vibrant illustrations.

Introducing "Camping Critters: Lucy & Ricky Raccoon Buy a Camper," a cute tale inspired by our own adventures in The Not So Long Trailer. Join Lucy and Ricky Raccoon as they embark on a charming camping journey filled with laughter & discovery.

But that's not all! We also present "The Lucy Coloring Book" featuring over 20 delightful images waiting to be brought to life with your imagination. From iconic scenes complete with memorable quotes, this coloring book offers hours of creative fun for all ages.

To grab your copies and experience the joy of these stories and illustrations, simply click the links below:

"Camping Critters: Lucy & Ricky Raccoon Buy a Camper":

"The Lucy Coloring Book":

Order your copies today and share the love of storytelling and creativity with your friends and family!

New Paintings

I've been working on a couple of different series including Old Hollywood Starlets and their favorite flowers, a circus side show inspired series, and even a fun 90s nostalgia Lisa Frank inspired series! You can see these original acrylic paintings and more on my Etsy shop - Maiden Kentucky.


OK…some have asked for it, so here it is! I have started a new page that is all about my love of vintage/retro style, fashion and accessories!

Hi and welcome to Carrie’s Closet! Well, my virtual closet anyway. I have been obsessed with vintage fashion, style, and accessories nearly my entire life. I love the glamour of Old Hollywood and have an unwavering passion for the allure of the past. My life has now become a vintage-inspired journey, cultivating a captivating lifestyle that reflects the glamour of bygone eras.

So, join me in my closet for daily posts on my love and insight of vintage and retro fashion, style, makeup, hairstyles and accessories! I’ll be featuring my extensive wardrobe of vintage and retro dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, hats, purses, and accessories. And, I’ll be selling pieces at times! I’ll also provide links in where you can purchase the very same pieces that I cherish in my collection. So, whether you’re seeking to enhance your own collection or simply yearning for a taste of the past, I’ll be your vintage guide, offering advice, curated links, and insider tips on where to acquire these magnificent vintage treasures.

Over the years, I have been asked to share my expertise in makeup and hair styling. Through tutorials and step-by-step guides, I’ll help you recreate iconic retro looks, so that you too can embody the timeless elegance and sophistication of your favorite eras.

So, step into my closet and into my world of vintage fashion and style!

Follow Carrie's Closet: Vintage Style, Fashion, & Accessories on Facebook!

This concludes our June we move into July in Our Technicolor Life! Please explore the website and share with friends & family! This website our one stop shop for all of our events and information. Don't forget to subscribe so you stay in the loop and check out our upcoming events section right on the home page!

Yours truly,

Carrie & Jeff


Friday July 2nd 3pm Snow White Story Time Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Tuesday July 4th - Happy Independence Day!

Sunday July 7th 8 pm Not a Clue Murder Mystery Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Private Party Booked July 12th - Private Party - not open to public

Corydon, IN

Friday July 28th 7pm Harry Potter Birthday Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

Sunday July 30th 7pm Harry Potter Birthday Tea - SOLD OUT

Corydon, IN

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