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Longwoods Botanical Garden

Yet another contribution to the public from the du Pont family - Longwood Gardens.

We were tipped off about this beautiful place from a local couple who were also camping in the same campground as we were near Lewes, DE.

Longwood Gardens is located in Chester County, PA, between Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA.

The gardens boasts 11,000 varieties of plants spread out across more than 1,000 acres of gardens, meadows, woodlands and elaborate horticultural displays. The institution was originally founded by Pierre du Pont in 1906 and has since become world renowned for its dedication to botany, design, education and art.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the elaborate display of fountains and lights come alive to choreographed music. The public is invite to bring lawn chairs and blankets for these evening performances.

On the most impressive features of the grounds in the indoor Conservatory Garden; an elaborate and enormous greenhouse that features thousands of beautiful botanicals among the various paths that wind through the display.

The gardens are open all year, so I can only imagine the display of lights that they incorporate into the grounds during the Christmas season.

There is also a beautiful restaurant on grounds as well as a bar and patio area. You could easily spend a half day or more exploring these expansive gardens.

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