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Lewes & Cape Henlopen, Delaware

More photos from our second day exploring Lewes (pronounced Lewis) and Cape Henlopen State Park on the Delaware coast.

Lewes is such a great historic town and we couldn’t resist going back for a second day. We then spent our afternoon exploring other areas along the coastline, including Fenwick Island, where we got a few pics of another great lighthouse. Then, we decided to head back up to Cape Henlopen where we stumbled upon Fort Miles.

The role that Fort Miles and the Delaware coastline played in WWII is truly impressive. Germany’s navy sent a fleet of submarines to attack to the US east coast during WWII. Fort Miles captured two of those subs and helped thwart a homeland security disaster in the early 1940s.

While the museum at Fort Miles is currently closed, you can still explore the grounds, which we did. 😁

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