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Indiana Military Museum

Our Sunday in Vincennes was pretty special. We discovered on our last trip there that there was a military museum. Well, we both love history, so we decided this trip we needed to check it out.

Holy cow!!! This is possibly the best kept secret in Indiana! This military museum rivals just about any other that you would find in a major city, including DC! We have been to several across the country and this one stands up there with the best!

The curator, Jim Osborne, has done a phenomenal job of collecting, displaying and researching the thousands upon thousands of items in this museum. The amount of planes, tanks, canons, big guns, helicopters and....even a submarine, is overwhelming!! I don’t understand why people aren’t lined up to see this place!

We actually got a personal tour by the curator himself, and it was fascinating to hear about the efforts he has gone to to secure some of these items on display. And again, everything is SO well done and the displays are, in some cases, a work of art! I know I am using a lot of !!!! but this museum deserves them. (!)

We spent three hours there and could have spent another six, had we not had to get home. If you go, plan several hours. In addition to two large buildings that are home to thousands of items from the Civil War to the Gulf War, there is also a WW2 German bunker and a field of trenches where they have re-enactments. The museum is also home to several one-of-a-kind military items that you won’t see anywhere else. Honestly, this museum needs to be featured on the History Channel.

Mr Osborne should be honored for his dedication and work on this museum. It’s just amazing.

I could go on and on about this place, but I would rather encourage you to visit. Take a road trip and visit Vincennes. There is SO much to do and see in this historic city. And, on the top of your list, make sure you visit the Indiana Military Museum. ❤️

Visit their Facebook page for more info:

Indiana Military Museum Inc.

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