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Happy Birthday Harry!

A very happy birthday Harry Potter!!! We kicked off Harry Potter birthday weekend last night at The Old Capitol Tea Room with a birthday tea and have one more tomorrow night!

We sure do love Harry and the entire Hogwarts crew and we love bringing them to life during our bit of “teatre” aka tea meets theatre! At the tea room, we believe a bit of magic and make believe is a necessity. Even if just for a little while, we strive to make each themed tea event a wonderland where you can come to another world, dress up, and of course have tea and treats.

Special thank you to our friends, the lovely Luna’s for playing Professors with us! We couldn’t create these worlds without the help from our merry crew of actors that add to the magic of our events.

Thank you friends for joining us for tea last night! We so appreciate your enthusiam and support of our little tea room venture. Stay tuned for upcoming events for Fall by following The Old Capitol Tea Room Facebook page or subscribe to our website,

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