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Chincoteaque Island

Our afternoon in Chincoteague Island, VA.

The day before it was 91 in Williamsburg. The high in Chincoteague on this afternoon was 62.

Just 150 miles apart and one day’s difference.

We may not have packed enough heavy clothes. 😳

We did get to see some of the wild ponies that roam all of Assateague Island.

But, I’m telling you, it was unexpectedly chilly. 😁 We made the best of it when exploring the park and bundled up for a stroll down the beach. The scenery is absolutely lovely and for horse lovers like us, it’s pretty incredible to see these beautiful horses all over. The Assateague Lighthouse was also an incredible sight. Whenever we have a chance to visit a lighthouse, we try to see them and this one was quite a beauty. It was even more lovely at night as we could see the light spinning in the sky from our campsite just across the way.

We headed in town for dinner at the Ropewalk and then made an unscheduled stop at Mr. Whippy’s because Jeff saw donut drive thru and we just couldn‘t help ourselves. A dozen donuts later, we headed back to the beach along with some hot tea and hot coffee to picnic with our donut desserts. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat them all in one sitting! Mr. Whippy’s sure does know how to make a tasty donut, that is for sure!

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