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Introducing our enchanting limited edition Harry Potter's Birthday Tea Collection!


GillyWater: For our mint enthusiasts, this magical green tea blend is a refreshing concotion of all-natural green tea leaves and invigorating spearmint leaves.Free of any artificial dyes and untouched by industrial processes, it boasts a stronger flavor that lingers longer on your palate. A truly soothing and revitalizing choice for any occassion.


PolyJuice: Attention fruit lovers! Dive into a delightful world of calmness with this chamomile tea, infused with the essence of zesty citrus and adorned with a floral symphony of rosehips and chamomile. This fruity blend with its subtle, floral undertones will transport you to a dreamy meadow where relaxation knows no bounds.


Amortentia: Calling all dessert devotees! Succumb to the allure of this seductive tea, crafted from organic Indian black tea, tantalizing chocolate chips, and the luscious flavors of natural raspberry and chocolate. Induldge in the velvety sweetness of this decadent black tea blend, destined to become your ultimate fan favorite.


Part of the Harry Potter Limited Edition Birthday Blends. 

2 oz. packages of the following GillyWater, PolyJuice, & Amortentia



1 tsp loose leaf tea per 1 cup of water. Steep in hot water 2-3 minutes. Add sugar to taste.

3-Pack Harry Potter Birthday Blends GillyWater, PolyJuice, & Amortentia

  • As a food item, opened tea purchases cannot be returned. 

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