We’re All Mad Here!

“The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. Its then, only then, that you’ll find Wonderland.”

Alice in Wonderland

Alice & Hatter had a most wonderful time hosting our tea party in Wonderland this past weekend. This event has become one of our most favorites and a tea event we hope to host on a more regular basis in our lineup of themes.

Thank you friends for joining us, dressing up and making it such a delightful afternoon. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Join us for a fun tea event at The Old Capitol Tea Room this summer!

Our next available public tea events are…

☕️Under the Sea Sing-Along Tea

Sunday July 10th at 3pm

Tickets On Sale Now!

☕️Tea & Trivia Tuesday Villains Edition

Tuesday July 12th at 8pm

Tickets On Sale Now!

☕️ Tea & Trivia Tuesday The Office Edition Tuesday August 2nd at 8pm

✨ 3 Tables Left for The Office✨

☕️I Love Lucy Tea

Sunday August 7th at 7pm

✨2 Tables Left for Lucy✨

☕️Breakfast at Tea-ffany’s

Sunday August 14th at 3pm

✨ 1 Table Left for Tea-ffany’s✨

☕️ Tea & Trivia Tuesday Star Wars Edition

Tuesday August 21st at 8pm

Tickets TBA

☕️ Snow White Story Time Tea Party

Sunday August 27th at 3pm

Tickets TBA

Tickets and more information can be found on our website.

👉🏻 https://www.ourtechnicolorlife.com/upcoming-events

✨Private Party Notification:

The tea room is closed the month of September. Our private party availability October - December is very limited on weekends with the public tea events on schedule, but we are happy to look into weekday or weeknight private party dates during October, November, & December months.

You can see dates that have already been booked on our handy dandy Upcoming Events calendar.


🎃🦃🎄October - December Public tea events announced at the end of July! Stay tuned!

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