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Watkins Glen or Bust…Literally

Well, most everyone knows of our bit of bad luck on Monday driving from Niagara down to Watkins Glen. Just 8 miles from our campground for the next four days, we lost a wheel on a little trailer. The whole wheel - sheared off.

So, our day was a bit stressful and tiring. Once we got to our campsite and tackled some of the issues at hand, thanks in huge part to our neighbor, Garret, we decided to just drive around the area to get a feel for what was in the area. We managed to get a few photos in from our visit to Taughannock Falls and Ithaca.

In looking back on those photos, you can see the strain and stress from that day in our eyes and expressions. Whew. That was a rough one.

But, we are sure excited about the possibilities for adventure that lie ahead in Watkins Glen!!

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