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And we’re off!!

We had a little set-back today, but holy smoke it could have been so much worse! We stopped at a Rest Stop in KY near Buckner and Jeff was doing a walk-around before we pulled out and noticed a huge gash on one of the trailer tires! The threads were showing and a huge bump was starting to form on the tire tread. If he hadn’t caught it we would have have a blowout for sure! 🙏

Jeff put the spare on and we then drove a couple of miles to get a new tire for the spare. While he was getting the tire replaced, I walked down to a shaved ice stand and got THE best shaved ice I have ever had! Tonight we are in Mt Gilead, OH for the night and heading up to Erie, PA tomorrow as we continue our journey to Niagara Falls and then on to the Finger Lakes region of NY!

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