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The Not So Long Trailer Goes to Florida - Part 6

Just a quick note about the Lakeland Antique Mall in Lakeland, FL. Holy cow!!! If you are Disney enthusiast or a toy collector, this place is incredible! There are booths filled with Disney collectibles and several booths feature props, signage and display pieces from the park and resorts. We picked up a few things.

Jeff had to keep reminding me that the truck was pretty much full already and that anything we would get would likely take away space in the camper for the remainder of the trip. 😜 I did come back home with an art piece that once hung in the Disney resort. It was too perfect for me to pass up. The canvas print now hangs in our entryway of our home/tearoom, beautifully displayed above of our antique hat rack, where several of Jeff’s hats hang. The print features turn-of-the-century townspeople (very Meet Me In St Louis) in front of a beautiful carousel, with what would appear to be Cinderella’s castle in the background. It is a fantasy piece of course, as Disneyland didn’t open until 1955 and Disney World not until 1971.

So, if you are looking for a rainy day activity when visiting central Florida, or need to escape the heat for an afternoon in the summer, I highly recommend Lakeland Antique Mall! 😁

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