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That’s a wrap!

Voila! Edwardian lady mural at the soon to be bourbon lounge in Salem, Indiana is complete. This one took 23 hours and 4 days. AND looks like it won’t be the last one! Next up, a Salem streetscape scene in another area of the lounge. Bring on more paint days! ❤️

I don’t have a ton of information on the new bourbon lounge regarding their opening but as soon as I hear from owners, I will share. It’s such a cool historic building right on the square and they have some gorgeous antique pieces inside that will accompany the romantic & cozy atmosphere.

Mural Services by Maiden.Kentucky 🎨 If you are interested in seeing other murals, check out my Facebook page, Maiden.Kentucky. There is a whole album of my previous murals and if you are interested in a mural of your own, just send an email. 📧

Also on Etsy & Instagram - Maiden Kentucky


Sneak peek of the inside!

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