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Thank You Veterans

Last night, we had the great honor of participating in the Veteran’s Day Appreciation Ceremony at the Christian Care Communities in Louisville. This facility houses over 40 veterans, one of which is a World War II veteran! (Albert, who is 97, was so delightful to talk to afterwards. He told me that our show took him back to the USO shows he saw while in the service. He regaled me with several stories of his time in WW2.)

We performed our show, The Music That Helped Win The War. It features 24 songs from 1939-1945 along with video footage and news reels from the war. It’s a great history lesson combined with fun music. Oh, and we get to change costumes 12 times each! Lol!! 🤣🥰❤️

Thank you Peggy, Clinton, and the wonderful staff and residents who welcomed us and made it such an enjoyecle evening! It was also so gratifying to have the residents come up afterwards with comments like “you took me back to my childhood”, or “this brought back so many wonderful memories for me”.

These people were once vibrant and young, and they should be honored, always. They are, after all, the greatest generation. ❤️

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