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Thank You Veterans

Such a wonderful weekend performing at and attending the World War II event at the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, IN!

This museum is unreal! Seriously, if you ever get the chance to visit, do it! We love museums and most especially military museums. This is one of the best in the country!! The collection of memorabilia is mind-boggling.

This weekend “entertained the troops” with our newest show, The Music That Helped Win The War”! We also were fortunate enough to meet five WWII veterans!! These gentlemen are true heroes in every sense of the word. Listening to their stories of their time in the war was both fascinating and chilling. I just can’t imagine how they endured what they saw. And, when retelling their stories you can hear in their voices that those memories are still so vivid and haunting. Just incredible the sacrifice they made to our country. I am in awe of anyone that serves our country in the military. All are heroes.

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