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Tea and Murder: Why Not!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Another project that we have come to love is my tea room that I started just over three years ago - The Old Capitol Tea Room. It has evolved over the last few years and we have finally found our niche. We now primarily host private teas AND open themed teas that have quickly become a tremendous hit! We have hosted princess teas, murder mystery teas, Mary Poppin's teas, Downton Abbey teas, Jane Austin teas, White Christmas teas...and the list goes on and on! Our most recent tea was a Harry Potter Birthday Tea! SO much fun! We have wonderful actor friends who help us with our many tears when needed. And, Jeff and I are always in the mix and participating, of courser. One of our most popular teas is our murder mystery teas. They can have various themes as well. Our mm tea was inspired by the popular board game, Clue. We affectionally called this one, The Not-A-Clue Murder Mystery Tea. :) These murder mystery teas have grown in popularity over the last couple of years to the point that once we make the announcement of an upcoming mystery, tickets become as hot as a steeping cup of Earl Grey.

We will be posting more on the various teas that we host in the near future. We have such fun and those that join us get into the spirit of the theme as well!

(To follow and discover upcoming tea events at the tea room, join us on Facebook at The Old Capitol Tea Room.)

Our recent murder mystery tea at The Old Capitol Tea Room - The Not-A-Clue Murder Mystery! Who knows which of these colorful characters could be the murderer next time!

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