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Sunday Funday

A late brunch, a little “fleaing”, and a brisk walk around the reservoir.

Then, home to watch the Bengals win the AFC.

Good Sunday.

We started with brunch at The Cafe in their new space! It’s so cool to see how Paristown has transformed into this hip hangout and it makes me very excited for warmer days to grab The Cafe to go and have my feast outside. It’s also a great shopping area with a connector to one of my favorite local spots, Louisville Stoneware. I have several of the Churchill Down pieces! ❤️

And…since we were in the area, we had to Flea at Fleur de Flea just around the corner. I’m in the process of doing my January clean so I was being super picky about what I was looking for. I’ve got my eye out for a hurricane floor lamp.

Being the first warm sunny days we’ve had in a while, we made a brief stop to the reservoir off Frankfort Ave. We ended up meeting a sweet couple visiting from out of town and they asked if we had just gotten married. 🤣 #theclothes

That’s a new one! Usually it’s, “are you guys in a show or something?” Nope! We just like to get gussied up and head out for little adventures. We chatted for a bit and they graciously snapped a photo of us! ❤️

It’s been a pretty basketball only household around here this month but we did catch the end of that Bengals game! How about that?!? Congrats to the Bengals and now I am looking forward to Suoer Bowl!

Not too shabby for a Sunday funday!

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