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Santa Claus, In. Adventures

We spent a wonderful recent afternoon with friends exploring Santa Claus, IN! We even visited with the “Jolly Ol’ Elf” himself! In addition to our visit with him, we wrote official “Santa Letters” and can’t wait to receive a reply!

We also met and bought a signed copy of “Santa’s Daughter”from Pat Koch (pronounced “Cook”)! This lovely 91-year old lady, along with her late husband, started Santa Claus Land, which eventually became Holiday World!

If you have never been to Santa Claus, IN, it is well worth a visit, and include the post office, museum and the Candy Castle in your plans. (When at the Candy Castle, be sure and get a frozen hot chocolate.) 😁

One unexpected highlight of our afternoon was enjoying and participating in the story-time event at the St Paul’s Santa Claus church, built in 1880. The storyteller, Susan, was an absolute hoot!! She had everyone engaged in the story-telling and used over twenty volunteers from the audience. It was great fun!

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