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Salute to the Veterans of World War II

We had another great trip over to Vincennes, IN to participate in the Indiana Military Museum’s WW2 event this weekend! We performed our “Music That Helped Win The War” twice on Saturday for two great audiences.

It’s always a treat to visit Vincennes, especially when we get to spend time at the military museum. AND to participate in this event is such an honor! We are always in awe of the WW2 veterans that are honored at this event. It is sad to think that there will soon no longer be any veterans from this war that will he left to participate.

Three gentlemen made it this year, one being 105 years old. Ned (forgive me, I forgot his last name) is such an amazing man. He told me at 105 he still works six days a week in his yard, garden and greenhouse. He is as sharp as a tack and has the best mischievous smile. He really turned it on when I asked if I could take Carrie’s photo with him. He stood straight and tall and grinned from ear to ear!

His granddaughter, who had brought him, said “Oh my, look how straight and tall he’s standing now!” 😜 Everybody got a good laugh and Ned laughed right along and then winked. What great men these three heroes are; and they are just that: heroes.

It was a thrill to shake hands with these gentlemen and to thank them for their unselfish service to our country. They all three said, “It was my pleasure.” Heroes. Each one - an American Hero.

(I had a little fun editing the photos.)

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