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On Golden Pond

Day 11 - Monday - September 19

EC/NE Camping Adventure 2022

Some days are not all sunshine and blue skies. 😁We drove from Cape Ann, MA to Lincoln, NH in steady rain and set up camp in a great campground - Lost River in North Woodstock, NH. Unfortunately, we had to set up in off and on showers, fighting a muddy mess. BUT, our site at the campground was amazing - right on the banks of a beautiful little river. Once we finally got set, we headed out to just checkout the area. We lucked out and caught a break from the rain long enough to hike a couple of trails around Squam Lake. If you’re not familiar with Squam, it is the lake where they filmed On Golden Pond!

We’ll be exploring more of the Squam Lake area, along with Lake Winnipesaukee! (If that lake rings a bell, you’re probably a Bill Murray fan!) 😁

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