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Mystic, CT

Day 5 - Tuesday - September 13

EC/NE Camping Adventure 2022

Today on our drive up the CT coastline we stopped by one of our favorite coastal villages, - Mystic! Many are familiar with the name because of the 1988 movie, Mystic Pizza, that starred a young Julia Roberts. It was also the acting debut for a very young Matt Damon. 😁

The Zelepo family opened the pizza parlor in 1973, and it became so famous after the movie that for years patrons would line the street waiting for a chance to buy their “slice of heaven!” I gotta say, this is some of the best pizza we have ever eaten. We have visited the pizza parlor on three trips now and each time we leave wanting more. (I don’t know what “secret ingredient” Mr Zelepo first started using in his pizza, but it is special, for sure.)

After a visit to Mystic, we headed further up coast to visit Watch Hill. Jeff has done some research on the area and found out that a vintage “flying horse” carousel was located in this village in addition to another lighthouse. If you give me a chance to see a lighthouse AND a vintage carousel, we’re stopping! 😜

The lighthouse was awesome! It’s not a large or iconic looking light, but the grounds and coastline are beautiful. It’s a great place for a photo shoot, for sure! 🥰 We had a friendly crow that was determined to be a part of our shoot, so we just obliged him and put him in several shots! 🤣 The carousel was closed for the season, unfortunately. The horses were even covered, so we couldn’t see them at all. ☹️ So, we grabbed an ice cream to soothe our sorrows. 😂

We ended the day at Judith Point Lighthouse in Narragansett, RI, near our campground at Fisherman’s Memorial State Park. A little disappointed in the lighthouse because it is closed off to the public, but there is a gravel road nearby that you can take (fisherman’s road) that puts you behind the lighthouse and the coastline is really cool! We watched a cloud-filtered sunset from there. ❤️

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