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Monthly Newsletter: October 2022 (No.9)

This is the eighth newsletter and monthly feature highlighting events, happenings, and general news of all channels of Our Technicolor Life.

Welcome to Our Technicolor Life! We are a husband and wife team that lives a vintage lifestyle in full color through our many adventures in our tea room, travel, entertainment, and art. Follow along each channel that makes up Our Technicolor Life.

We are Jeff and Carrie Ketterman. During the day, Jeff is a General Manager with Kasgro Rail Corporation Management Division. With a fleet of over 500 heavy-duty cars, Jeff works daily to provide solutions to various needs of the multi-dimensional rail transportation industry. By day, Carrie is a painter, illustrator, and author creating murals, portraits, prints, wearable art, and children's book illustrations.

After closing up shop for the day. Jeff and Carrie host themed tea parties out of their historic home at The Old Capitol Tea Room, travel to festivals and vacation in The Not So Long Trailer, and have two bands, a 1950s style band, Rosie & the Rockabillies, and a 1920s style band, The Tin Pan Alley Cats. Each of these channels makes up our Technicolor Life.


The month of September is quiet in the tea room as we do not host events in September. This is always the time of the annual Fall camping trip and also a time of preparation for our busiest time of year, the months of October, November, & December. The house and yard get decked out in all of our Halloween accoutrements.

We absolutely love the vintage Halloween images and styles of yesteryear, so I painted some wood panels with some of my favorite images. These are the perfect addition to the front yard and all hand painted by yours truly. Last year I painted some Beetlejuice creations for the front yard so I think this is a new tradition of painting yard art for the holidays.

Artwork painted by: Carrie Cooke Ketterman #maidenkentucky

The inside also gets revamped for the season! Witch's hats, broom sticks, cauldrons, pumpkins and more!

Murder Mystery: Quoth the Raven, Nevermore

We did sneak one event into the September calendar to kick off the spooky season! On September 30th we hosted fan favorite our Halloween Murder Mystery - Quoth the Raven, Nevermore. This murder mystery takes place in 1949 and we are at the home of Eric Poe, the great grandnephew of the late Edgar Allen Poe.

We THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your enthusiasm and support of our little tea room that could! It is A LOT of preparation and planning behind the scenes to host these tea parties but we are SO delighted to be able to open our home and host so many wonderful guests. we are 110% SOLD OUT FOR THE REST OF THE 2022 SEASON! All of our tea party events have sold out from October to December and we have no more availability for private parties this year.

It means soo very much to us to have had such a wonderful season with each and everyone of you that have come to tea with us here at The Old Capitol Tea Room where we enjoy “tea-tre” aka tea meets theatre. This would not be half as fun without your support and your enthusiasm for the themes, coming and dressing up, singing along, and just plain old playing tea party with us! So THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Please stay in touch here on our website, and subscribe! I post all of our events, upcoming events, tickets, and the monthly newsletter to the website before anything goes on Facebook so be sure to subscribe.

The Old Capitol Tea Room is closed January & February and we will begin announcing 2023 tea events towards the end of February on our upcoming events calendar.


Elvis at Clark County

The first weekend of September we celebrated the King - the one and only Elvis Presley! Our “Elvis & Elvette” concert did not happen as planned. The outdoor event was cancelled Sunday night due to impending bad weather, which turned out to be a bust. BUT, we now have a two-hour Dueling Elvis, Mega Tribute, Mini Concert in our back pocket should we need it!


While we didn’t get to perform, we did get to visit the Clark County Indiana Museum in Jeffersonville and check out the Elvis prototype costumes on display from designer and Hoosier native Butch Polston. These jumpsuits were worn by Austin Butler as Elvis in the now popular Baz Luhrmann film.

We also got to check out The Depot, a great outdoor venue/park that is next door to the museum. Really cool space. If you are needing senior pics taken, I would put this place on your list of possibilities. And, of course, since we were dressed for “Elvising”, we decided to go ahead take a few pics anyway. Imagine that?

Pumpkin Patch Outing

We kicked it off with our annual pumpkin patch outing with some helpers. Our take home was likely impacted by their enthusiasm. We love our visit to Bowling Family Farms each year!! Super great family and their pumpkins and other fun fall items are the best!!

(And yes, we took all this home. It takes a lot to properly decorate a tea room AND our house for fall and Halloween.) Visit The Bowling Family Farm for a wide variety of pumpkins and gourds, wagon ride, and some tasty pumpkin treats for sale in their tent. Find them on Facebook at Bowling Family Farms located at 7631 Voyles Road in Greenville, IN 47124.

The Annual Big Fall East Coast Adventure

After a long, hot summer, we decided to head east instead of southwest for our big fall trip. We’ll put Texas and the Southwest on hold until Spring. We honestly just didn’t think we could handle any more heat. So, off we go to revisit the New England states! The annual big fall East Coast adventure took us through Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. There is something so magical about Fall along the East Coast. We took soo many photos and documented each day of the big trip in our blog. You can follow along each day of the trip on our travel blog posts on the home page.


Rosie & the Rockabillies headed back to Yew Dell Botanical Garden for their Bourbon & Botanicals Summer Concert Series. It was a perfect evening for some live music in the beautiful setting of Yew Dell and as always a fantastic audience. We've got a little bit of a break coming up while the tea room events and other bookings take over the calendar, but Rosie & the Rockabillies will be back in Corydon for Light Up Corydon on Saturday November 26th.

For Labor Day weekend, we had another great trip over to Vincennes, IN to participate in the Indiana Military Museum’s WW2 event this weekend! We performed our “Music That Helped Win The War” twice on Saturday for two great audiences.

It’s always a treat to visit Vincennes, especially when we get to spend time at the military museum. AND to participate in this event is such an honor! We are always in awe of the WW2 veterans that are honored at this event. It is sad to think that there will soon no longer be any veterans from this war that will he left to participate.

Three gentlemen made it this year, one being 105 years old. Ned (forgive me, I forgot his last name) is such an amazing man. He told me at 105 he still works six days a week in his yard, garden and greenhouse. He is as sharp as a tack and has the best mischievous smile. He really turned it on when I asked if I could take Carrie’s photo with him. He stood straight and tall and grinned from ear to ear! His granddaughter, who had brought him, said “Oh my, look how straight and tall he’s standing now!” Everybody got a good laugh and Ned laughed right along and then winked. What great men these three heroes are; and they are just that: heroes.

It was a thrill to shake hands with these gentlemen and to thank them for their unselfish service to our country. They all three said, “It was my pleasure.” Heroes. Each one - an American Hero.

(I had a little fun editing the photos.)

I can’t encourage you enough, if you are a military history buff, it is an absolute must to visit the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, IN. It will impress you beyond words.


As October rolls around that means it is time for some pumpkin art. The Jack O' Lantern Spectacular is celebrating its 10th season on the trails of beautiful Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY. The Jack O' Lantern Spectacular has become the "must-see" event of the Halloween season. Presented each October along a winding path through the majestic woods of Iroquois Park where you will see more than 5,000 artistically carved pumpkins in themed settings. This family-friendly event has become an annual tradition for thousands, who come back each year to experience a variety of themed vignettes, set to music. Ask anyone who has attended...the event simply can't be must be experienced.

I am honored to be in the studio again this year among so many wonderful artists! The theme this year is fan favorites, so we have a lot of excellent themes to choose from. I, of course, am naturally drawn to the fun house theme so expect to see a few circuses and nods to Coney Island from yours truly. These are the pumpkins I have drawn so far and will be heading back into the studio to carve them before they hit the trail.

Already trucking through our October days means getting Christmas orders painted and shipped out. The Christmas countdown is at 66 days ready or not!!!

Order your custom hand painted gifts now from my shop, Maiden Kentucky! Now taking orders for pet ornaments, pet portraits (acrylic & watercolor), nesting dolls, peg dolls, & peg ornaments! *While supplies & timing lasts! I just finished my latest round of orders so I can add more orders.

To place an order:

1. Email or send me a PM with your desired order. I’ll send an invoice (Square, Venmo, or PayPal). Payment must be submitted before your order can be processed.

2. If you want it SHIPPED to you, please note that when you submit your order. Your invoice will include shipping added to the listing price.

3. I have local pickup available in downtown Corydon.

Maiden Kentucky on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram and under ART at

Price List: Pet Ornaments $12/ornament (1 pet/ornament) Please include name(s) of let when you order. *$15/large wooden disc

Pet portraits 8x10 watercolor $30, 6x6 studio canvas acrylic $60, 8x10 canvas $60

Peg Dolls & Ornaments prices vary depending on various sets & sizes. Please ask for a certain set or custom set.

Nesting Dolls prices range $60-100 for various sets & designs. Please ask for a certain set or custom set.

Last Day to Order is Monday November 21st!!


Halloween couture! If there was one month, I was going to dedicate a wardrobe collection to it would definitely be Halloween. In the recent years there has been a tremendous resurgence of vintage Halloween illustrations and fabrics. With such companies as Unique Vintage, Retrolicious, Oblong Box, Modern Millie, Modcloth, La Femme En Noir, and more it's easier than ever to develop quite a collection of Halloween couture. I like to gather all of my Halloween wardrobe including hair accessories, sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes, and bags organized at the end of September and ready for a month of fun outfits. I love that everyday can be Halloween look in October. With so many wonderful prints, dressing up should be celebrated on more than just one day in October.

This concludes our September as we move into October in Our Technicolor Life! Please explore the website and share with friends & family! We try to make this website our one stop shop for all of our events. Don't forget to subscribe so you stay in the loop and check out our upcoming events section right on the home page!

Yours truly,

Carrie & Jeff


Tuesday October 4th - Curious Corydon Ghost Walk

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Thursday October 6th - Private Booking Tin Pan Alley Cats

Bowling Green, KY

Sunday October 9th - Beetlejuice Tea Party

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Tuesday October 11 - Curious Corydon Ghost Walk

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Thursday October 13th - Gatsby Ball

Private Booking Tin Pan Alley Cats

Friday October 14th - Sleepy Hollow Radio Show & Tea

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Saturday October 15th - The Lucy Desi Tribute Show

Community Tea at Tunnel Hill Christian Church

Georgetown, IN

Sunday October 16th - Dracula Radio Show & Tea

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Tuesday October 18th - Addams Family Tea & Trivia

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Wednesday October 19th - Hocus Pocus Tea Party

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Friday October 21st - Hocus Pocus Tea Party

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Saturday October 22nd - Private Party Booking

The Old Capitol Tea Room

Sunday October 23rd - Hocus Pocus Tea Party

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Tuesday October 25th - Curious Corydon Ghost Walk

The Old Capitol Tea Room

Friday October 28th - Hocus Pocus Tea Party

The Old Capitol Tea Room


Monday October 31st


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