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Mayberry I Love Lucy Day Granville, TN April 10, 2021

Part 1 - Our first camping trip of 2021!

It was great to be out just "breezing" along with the "breeze" (Long, Long Trailer reference).

We traveled down to Historic Granville, Tennessee for their Mayberry & I Love Lucy Day celebration. But, before we headed into town, we spent two great days at Defeated Creek Campground, nestled on the banks of the beautiful Cordell Hull Lake.

The campground was amazing. Here are just some shots of those two days camping. (Granville pictures are coming up in Part 2.)

Part 2 - Our first camping trip of 2021!

The second part of our trip was spent in the lovely town of Historic Granville, Tennessee!

Granville is officially called "Tennessee's Mayberry Town". It is nestled in the rolling hills of north central, TN, just 40 miles east of Nashville, surrounded by the Cumberland River and picturesque Cordell Hull Lake.

We were invited to perform our Lucy & Desi Tribute Show during their Mayberry & I Love Lucy Day event on Saturday, April 10th. The town, the people and the festival were all welcoming and made us feel like stars for the day. The weather was a challenge, but we made the absolute best of it and met so many wonderful appreciative people during our time at the event.

We performed our 45 minute show three times under the awning of our little Not So Long Trailer, sometimes to those watching smilingly under their umbrellas. There were several other events going on that day to celebrate the iconic TV shows of The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy, as well.

If you ever want to escape and take a trip back in time, Granville is a great destination. And, every Saturday night they serve a southern style dinner followed by the taping of Tennessee's #1 Live Bluegrass Radio Show, the Ole Time Music Hour from the stage of the T.B. Sutton General Store.

We had the privilege of enjoying that great dinner and attending the taping. It was awesome! It's easy to see why they say, "For the love of Tennessee, visit Granville."

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