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Lucy & Desi Tribute Show Tea Party at The Old Capitol Tea Room

Everyone’s favorite redhead is back! We are hosting our fan-favorite Lucy & Desi Tribute Show Tea Party The Old Capitol Tea Room, Friday September 15th at 7pm.

We’ve performed this show in Lucy’s hometown of Jamestown, New York for the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Featival. We’ve performed in Vincennes, Indiana for the Red Skeleton Gala. This is the show we take on the road to Granville, Tennessee for the annual Lucy Day Festival and at numerous other festivals around the country.

Experience this show right here in Corydon, Indiana with the added benefit of a full tea party experience!

This show is 45 minutes long and features iconic skits, songs, and costumes from #ilovelucy.

🎟️Get your tickets here!

❤️Friday September 15th 7pm

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