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Lake, lagoon, kites, & dinosaurs!

While our Thursday last week in Watkins Glen was already pretty epic with our cruise on the Schooner True Love, we managed to get a lot more out of that day. 😁

The weather was great and we got in some more kayaking on Seneca Lake in the morning. After our cruise, we ran up to a winery (Castel Grisch) that we had sampled some of their sparkling wine while on the True Love. We discovered they had a hidden field of dinosaurs!! Naturally, we had to play a little Jurassic Park. 😜

Later in the afternoon, when things heated back up, we took to the lake again for a break from the heat. It got pretty windy so we brought out our big kite and had a great late afternoon of kite flying!

Afterwards, we had enough daylight to go explore another waterfall nearby at Eagles Cliff Park. On the way back to the campsite, we made one last walk through part of Watkins Glen State Park before the sun set. Speaking of sun sets, the one we had last Thursday night was spectacular!

We finished the day with Jeff grilling some burgers on his new Blackstone griddle.

It was a lovely, lovely day. 🥰

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