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I Truly LOVE Lucy

Yesterday, August 6, marked the 108 birthday of Lucille Ball. To celebrate, like so many others who have a deep admiration and love of Lucy, I celebrated at the theatre as five new colorized episodes of I Love Lucy were released by Fathom Events. It is such a great testament to Lucy that the theatre was completed sold out; and I understand that most all theaters around the country were as well. She is positively timeless.

Now, we are making our way up to Jamestown, NY on this Wednesday evening. Currently, camping just north of Columbus, OH at Berkshires Campground. Tomorrow we arrive in Jamestown, Lucy's hometown, and will set up camp for a few days and then enjoy the beauty of the Lake Chautauqua region, including Jamestown.

On Saturday, Jeff and I will be participating in the Jamestown Public Market with our Not So Long Trailer and plan to do a little entertaining as well. :)

SO looking forward to meeting others who, like us, have a passion for this iconic lady. She was a true gem that we will never see the likes of again.

Makeup on point and headed to see Lucy on the big screen!

My momma was able to join me at the theatre!

Spending the night north of Columbus, OH in our Not So Long Trailer and headed to Jamestown, NY tomorrow!

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