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Home Sweet Savannah Home

It’s always good to say hello again to our old friend, Savannah. We visit Savannah almost yearly we love it so much and have visited numerous times over the past 10 years. Back in 2018, we spent New Years Eve here and absolutely loved it. After missing out the last two years, we decided there was no where we'd rather be than back in Savannah.

Driving thru GA was not a lot of fun, but we made it before the sun set on our Thursday evening and enjoyed walking this historic city, then grabbing dinner at 1790.

The Eliza Thompson House is always our home away from home when we visit this great city. They always welcome us back with open arms (and a bottle of Prosecco). 🥰

Stay tuned for more pictures and adventures from


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Great place. Connie and I stayed in the "haunted" room at 17 hundred 90 Hotel for three nights. NOTHING! Really nice room, though.

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