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Grinch and Polar Express Story Time Bookings Now Available

I can’t believe it’s time to post this but we’ve already been getting a ton of requests for Grinch and Polar Express Story Times! 📚🎉

Due to demand and our limited schedule, we've set aside some exclusive dates for these live performances. The Polar Express Story Time has openings on Tuesday, December 19th (max 3 bookings), while the Grinch Story Time awaits you on Wednesday, December 20th (also max 3 bookings). These performances are booked in a 30 mile radius of Corydon, so local interest only please.

We truly wish we could accommodate everyone, but these performances require quite a bit of preparation. The Grinch Story Time, in particular, involves some serious makeup magic! 💄✨💚 (And these bookings also require a lot of preparation loading in, setting up, and loading out.) 💪⏳💪

Both story times are an all-inclusive experience, 2 costumed characters, featuring captivating audio, immersive backdrops 🎭, and an interactive reading that brings the stories to life! 🌟📖

If you're as eager as we are to make these story times happen, drop us your email address. We'll send you all the juicy details: pricing, comprehensive descriptions of the performances, and an invoice. 📩

📋 Let's make this holiday season extra special together!

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I would love information on the Grinch story time!!

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