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Grey Gardens: The Musical

This past weekend was the culmination of a dream for Carrie that was two years in the making, as she appeared in the lead role of the Louisville production of Grey Gardens The Musical. She audioned for her dream role of Edith/Little Edie Beale in August of 2019. She got the call that she was cast for that role just a few days later. She was told the production would be in April 2020. She worked memorizing and studying the characters she was to portray immediately. It was not difficult, because she knows the story of the Beales of Grey Gardens like it is her job. She is a bit obsessed with them.

They were two weeks away from opening when the world shut down. They cancelled the show and we’re not sure if or when they might be able to reschedule.

She was crushed.

Earlier this spring, when things began to loosen and relax she was advised the show was to be re-staged in August. Fast forward to last Thursday night when she stepped out on stage and brought to life, as only she could, the characters of Edith Beale (1st Act) and adult Little Edie Beal (2nd Act).

I admire and love her with every bit of my heart, and this past weekend she won the hearts of hundreds of others as she commanded the stage and gave a performance that brought people to tears and then to their feet. It was magical.

If you love someone, you celebrate in their victories and you die a little in their pain. This past weekend, watching her receive the love and admiration that she at one time had almost given up on was so gratifying.

She deserved every bit of it. ❤️

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