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Grey Gardens: The Musical

Wow…here we are…we open Grey Gardens The Musical NEXT WEEK!

Soo many thoughts and feelings about this show, the Edie’s, and this whole experience. I for one, thought my theatre days were over. Jeff and I both agreed our lifestyles and priorities kind of changed after doing theatre for so many year. And honestly with the tea room, the two bands, and wanting to camp whenever possible, we just had different mindsets that didn’t involve the theatre world. Two shows we had always wanted to do were Elemeno Pea and Million Dollar Quartet both of which we were lucky enough to perform and produce in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

I just kind of assumed I was theatre retired after those productions so we could devote time and energy to other projects. However, there was still one show on my bucket list, one that I never dreamed I’d ever get to audition for simply because I never thought anyone would ever produce the show locally. Enter The Chicken Coop Theatre Company with their audition notice for Grey Gardens: The Musical. Dream show and a chance to audition for my dream role.

I’m a huge Grey Gardens nerd having discovered the Beales by picking up a copy of “My Life at Grey Gardens” by Lois Wright back in high school and from there devouring every book, article, documentary, footage, etc. I could find about these incredible women.

We were two weeks from opening April 2020 when the whole world changed. Our show cancelled, we waited, took almost a year and a half off from our last rehearsal, hoped to get rescheduled in the mean time, have dates proposed only to be postponed again, performance space changed, and even add new cast members…

But here we are! After all of the challenges and obstacles, we are almost there! This is such a beautiful show and one of the most difficult and challenging roles I’ve ever had the pleasure to tackle. The cast and crew have been working extremely hard to bring this show to life. We open next Thursday for 4 performances and we would love your support as we finally bring this gorgeous musical to the stage. Come and laugh, enjoy, and maybe even cry a little at the true story of the Beale women and their Grey Gardens.

Show dates are as follows!

Thursday August 12th at 8pm

Friday August 13th at 8pm

Saturday August 14th at 8pm

Sunday August 15th at 2pm

All at the beautiful Ursuline Arts Center 3114 Lexington Road in Lousiville, KY.

For tickets:

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