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Grey Gardens & the Long Island Ferry

Day 4 (Part 1) - Monday - September 12

EC/NE Camping Adventure 2022

Jeff totally surprised me this trip with a planned visit to Long Island via the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry!! He told me ahead of time so I could pack accordingly.

❤️ (Ask him sometime about his mistake of NOT telling me once on a surprise visit on an earlier trip.) 🤣

After crossing the Long Island Sound on our Monday morning, we headed straight for the Hamptons!

Dream come true!! I was finally able to visit Grey Gardens, the former home of the Beales! I first discovered The Beales and Grey Gardens when I happened upon a copy of Lois Wrights My Life at Grey Gardens and was hooked. I read and watched anything and everything I could find on the history of Grey Gardens and Big & Little Edie. The obsession with the Beales has grown over the years and I was unbelievably excited to portray Big Edie and Little Edie in the musical Grey Gardens last year in a Louisville production from The Chicken Coop Theatre Co.

I was able to use some of my collectibles that I’ve found over the years in the production like the true vintage swimsuit in the floral print Little Edie wore as well as her signature bow pendant. I packed both of these items with me as well as “the best costume of the day” in case we were able to really see Grey Gardens. Not only did we see it, but we headed out to the beach down the road where Little Edie used to swim. Absolute magical day! Just ask Jeff how excited I was. I think he was a little concerned. 😂

If you want to learn more about Grey Gardens and the downfall of the Beales, I encourage you watch the documentary that was produced in 1975 by David & Albert Maysles. ❤️

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