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Goin’ Back to Louisiana

Day 1

SO excited to be visiting New Orleans again!!

We were supposed to have been here in 2020 for Jeff’s railroad conference, but COVID struck. After two years of cancellations, the conference is finally happening…and we are HERE!!

AND, we just happen to be here during the city’s annual JazzFest, which also has new life after COVID.

I’m not gonna lie, I overpacked. Like BIGTIME. Jeff made the mistake (his admission) of telling me that I could (overpack) since we weren’t camping and that the Jeep had plenty of room without all our other normal camping gear. So, hey, if you are going to give me the green light, you better believe I am going to take it! 🤣😂

These are pics from our first evening in “The Big Easy”: getting settled in our AirBnB on Algiers Point, taking the ferry across to The French Quarter, exploring a bit of the city, dinner at The Elysian Bar, hearing some tunes down Frenchmen Street, then beignets at Cafe’ Du Monde!

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