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Firefly Festival in New Harmony, Indiana

Well, we found another Indiana festival to add to our calendar each year - the Firefly Festival in New Harmony!

Everything about this just felt so like summers of my childhood, and New Harmony is one the most delightful small towns in the Hoosier state!

You observe (not catch them) millions of fireflies in their mating ritual just after sundown. It is just so magical and fairy like! We didn’t want to leave.

Mark you calendars for this festival next summer and plan a trip to New Harmony. Experience the magic of nature's fireworks in New Harmony during their Firefly Festival, sponsored by New Harmony Business Associates. It's free, family-friendly fun that blends science and nature with all kinds of activities!

This is a two day event and in the past it has included activities like firefly storytelling, a presentation on photographing fireflies, a Thomas Say reenactor (Say's Firefly is Indiana's state insect), a guided walk to see the trees filled with fireflies, a nature expert's search for firefly larva, firefly facts, chalk art creation, pub crawl with firefly-themed beverages, and trips on our golf carts at dusk to the best spots from which to view the spectacle of hundreds of thousands of fireflies blinking as they strive to find a mate.

Come get lit in New Harmony!

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