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Firefly Festival in New Harmony, IN.

What a great weekend at the Firefly Festival in New Harmony, IN! I couldn’t resist taking my fairy wings that Jeff made for me several years ago.

They were a hit!! SO many children came up wanting photos with the “firefly fairy”! 🥰 It makes me realize that sometimes the extra little things you do that are special for you, are also special for others as well.

We had a fun little photo shoot and learned so many great facts about fireflies!

Did you know?…

*There are 43 different species of fireflies in Indiana alone.

*Of that number, 31 can actually “fire”.

*The most common Hoosier species is called The Big Dipper, which ”fire” every six seconds.

*Only the male firefly generally flies and “fires”. He does so to impress the female that sits and waits to be “courted”.

*Fireflies have an average lifespan of two weeks.

*The larvae or pupa can be dormant for as long as two to three years underground before emerging for their brief 2-week life.

*Fireflies are toxic. Don’t eat too many, or you may regret it. 😁

*The firefly is Indiana’s State Insect. (Who knew?)

Here are some of the photos Jeff took Saturday night for the “firefly walk” in New Harmony!

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What a lovely idea. Too make children feel the magic is awesome.

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