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Downton Tea & Trivia Tuesday

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is.”

-Mr. Carson

We had so much fun and made many new lovely memories at our Tea & Trivia Tuesday Downton Abbey Edition this past Tuesday! Thank you lovely ladies & gents for coming to tea & trivia! We loved hosting you all and if I do say so myself, you all looked spectacular!

If you’d like to join for the next Tea & Trivia Tuesday there are tickets available our Tea & Trivia Villains edition! Join us for a Tea & Trivia Tuesday featuring the best bad guys in town because afterall without a villain, there is no story!

Hosted by Cruella di Vil & Captain James Hook, Tuesday July 12 for Tea & Trivia Tuesday Villains Edition at The Old Capitol Room. Dress as your favorite villain, enjoy our sweet & savory tea tray, selection of loose leaf teas, and trivia game all about those evil villains. Tea party is 1 hour starting at 8pm. Kids ages 4+ welcome. Make Tea & Trivia nights a date night, ladies night out, or stack your table with trivia enthusiasts to win the prize!


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