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Dare to Do It Tour with Dick & Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau

What a special and exciting visit to Atlanta!

We drove down on Friday to catch the Atlanta stop for Angel & Dick Strawbridge’s Dare To Do It Tour!!

We have been “Escape to the Chateau” fans since the show started in 2015. Angel and Dick almost feel like family - even though we had never met. Perhaps they just seemed SO familiar to us, because we have so much in common. The similarities between them and us are a bit uncanny.

I first fell in love with Angel when she was still in England running her Vintage Patisserie business. She sparked my desire to start my own tea room. Her creativity and love of the vintage aesthetic were two obvious traits we shared. I bought her book “The Vintage Tea Party” and found even more common ground. It was motivation for me to start my own tea room. Her husband,Dick, and Jeff are also very similar. They are both so adept at tackling both huge and small build projects. They are also very close to the same age, with Angel and I close as well. They have been married for just under ten years. We have been married for just over ten.

I could point out several other similarities, but the fact is they feel so very familiar, so meeting them for the first time was just magical. It was like meeting a sister that only in recent years discovered that I had.

If you are not familiar with their series “Escape to the Chateau”, I highly encourage you to check it out. It is lovely, creative, fun, and highly entertaining. I could talk at length about how much their show has meant to me. Jeff and I are getting ready to rewatch the entire series again, since the show has just recently ended.

Thank you Angel and Dick for being so warm, welcoming and kind to us and ALL of your fans who showed up in Atlanta! It was magical!

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